Rethinking Paradigms

Presidential Debates Prove That Obama and Romney’s Foreign Policy Is Virtually Identical

by George Washington, LRC

As made obvious by the third-party presidential debates, Romney and Obama’s foreign policy is virtually identical.

They both favor elective, preemptive wars of aggression. They both want to force regime change in Syria, and they both characterize Iran as the “biggest threat” to the U.S.

Forbes’ Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry writes:

The debate could not plausibly be a real debate because of the following parameters: Barack Obama has essentially pursued the same foreign policy as the Bush Administration, and Romney has eschewed any fundamental critique of the Obama-Bush consensus ….

Even Jon Stewart agrees:

Former British ambassador Craig Murray notes:

I have traveled this world much more extensively than either Obama or Romney, and I still do. I find everywhere, even in areas of conflict and economic difficulty, the vast majority of people are friendly, even kind, and have very similar aspirations, across cultures, to personal development and emotional fulfilment.

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