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Fukushima USA? A Dozen Nuclear Plants In Hurricane Sandy’s Path

   The following lists the nuclear reactors and utilities in Sandy’s potential path.

More than a Dozen Nuclear Plants Near Hurricane Sandy’s Path Brace for Impact Plant

While we don’t foresee any problems, the risk of nuclear accident in the U.S. is actually much greater than it was in Japan before Fukushima.

For example, fuel pools in the United States store an average of ten times moreradioactive fuel than stored at Fukushima, and have virtually no safety features.

Let’s review the list and look at examples of problems experienced by the nuclear plants in Hurricane Sandy’s path:

  • Salem has been riddled with problems with securityturbines problems and  other issues.
  • Hope Creek has suffered security problems, has the same design as the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1, has “some of the same issues with above-ground storage of spent fuel rods as Fukushima” and “was designed to withstand certain major weather events but we need to look at the potential impacts of more extreme events, especially … sea level rise and flooding”
  • Limerick has suffered electrical and other issues
  • Oyster Creek has been plagued with electrical and other problems
  • Millstone’s vulnerability is shown by the fact that it was shut down due to warm seawater
  • Vermont Yankee – which has around 10 times more spent fuel rods than any of the individual Fukushima reactors – leaked tritium