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Intolerance Not Tolerance: The Conservative Myth of Tolerance

from Gonzo Times

Fundamentalist conservatives tend to complain about the liberals not being tolerant. The tendency is to assume that standing against bigotry is promoting the idea of ‘tolerance’. I would like to say that tolerance is not something I promote, embrace or condone. Tolerance would imply that one is putting up with something that they see negatively. So you can tolerate LGBT people or someone of a different race or culture and still be a complete bigot, racist or xenophobe. Tolerance is not something to strive for. Abolishing bigotry, racism, classism and confronting these very specific prejudices is something to strive for. The goal isn’t to get the bigot to tolerate those they hate. The goal is to abolish the bigotry.


The bigots love to claim that they are not tolerated. They love to make some kind of argument that there is hypocrisy in those that oppose bigotry because they are not tolerant of bigotry. No, I am not tolerant of bigotry. I am not tolerant of racism. There is a lot I am not tolerant of. This liberal opposes tolerance. I oppose both tolerance of these oppressive views and behaviors as well as the idea that those who hold them should simply be tolerant of others. If the bigot has to tolerate those of other people groups they are still bigots, they are simply showing tolerance for those they disdain. Abolish bigotry don’t tell bigots to tolerate others, tell bigots to stop being bigots.

The tolerance line is a tired old joke that the uneducated isolated bigot clings to. It is a myth they perpetuate to play a word game they feel somehow defends their bigotry.


So, tolerance? NO. Abolish oppressive views and bigotry. Abolish racism. Abolish heterosexism. Abolish sexism. Don’t tolerate others who are different, abolish the bigoted beliefs people hold. Do not tolerate bigotry. So, yes those who claim the liberals are not tolerant of whatever asinine B.S. They are preaching or behaviors they are doing are right. And most of the time we should not be tolerating any of their B.S. We should be intolerant of oppression, hetrosexism, sexism, racism and much more.