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2012 US Elections

Voter turnout expected to be lower than 2008, US President’s mandate ranges between 25-35%.

Tony Cartalucci

Here is some math the establishment hopes you never do. Take the popular vote the newly elected president received, and see what percent of voter turnout it actually makes up. You will find that out of all eligible voters, the president is put into power with only between 25-35%. This isn’t just with President Obama in 2012, but is a common feature of most US elections, and many elections around the world.


Image: This infographic was assembled using information from CNN’s  “Election 2012: Results,” USA Today’s “This year’s voter turnout may fall short of 2008,” and George Mason University’s “2012 General Election Turnout Rates.” The numbers may still change, but the difference will be negligible. 

In countries like Thailand, where violent mobs hold the nation hostage, representing a fraction of 1% of the population, it is claimed by the Western media that these are “the people.” Come election time, the Western-backed party claiming to run on “people’s power,” garnered the support of a measly 32% of all eligible voters. Likewise in Syria, where “the people” are rising up, in a nation of 20 million – if even half rose up armed with only broom handles, the so-called revolution would have been over in a week.

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