When All Else Fails

Warning: From Former Cop On Never Going To Relocation Centers-Notice % Of Those Who Will Follow Orders!


I was in North Eastern Law Enforcement for 9 years.
While I was there, we had writen plans to turn state prisons into
relocation centers. Agencies involved were: FEMA, DHS, DOJ, BOP, State
Police, State Corrections, state EMA, and local PD. We never trained to
implement such plans, but we had discused them in detail, at
sgt./supervisor meetings.
If we had actually activated those plans, likely the local Fire Dept.,
County C.E.R.T., and National Guard would be needed. Not everyone would go
willingly, and we are talking about 50,000 citizens.

The local city, would be invited/escorted to a particular prison, but not
allowed to leave until the “situation” was under control. Only situation
we actually discussed was a hurricaine and/or bad weather.

I would not recomend going to one of these relocation centers. I’ve been
inside a prison before, and I couldn’t imagine having to stay in there,
against my will, having commited no crime.

This should fall under wrongfull imprisonment, or unlawfull detainment.
Sadly, I would guess that 95% of my department would follow orders over
thier oath to the Constitution.M.