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Secession of the States is about Survival

Secession is not just an American Movement. It is a Global Phenomena.

from Lone Star Watchdog

I have a real problem with people saying secession will tear the country apart. They say secession is the globalist plan to tear this country apart. In the Bible the 10 tribes of Israel seceded from Judah and the tribe of Benjamin because of High taxes. The Hebrews threw off the government and became their own country. Secession in the Bible was about escaping unjust taxation. The right of secession is a Biblical principle too. Secession is a Christian principle.

When we were 13 Colonies. The Declaration of Independence was a document telling the king the colonies have seceded from British rule because of a tyrannical King. It is a proclamation of secession from the Monarch. There were arguments to try to reason with the king that it will tear apart the British empire.

When Texas was part of Mexico, When General Santa Anna became the dictator of Mexico and trashed the Mexican Constitution started to oppress the people with high taxes. The people of Texas trying to plead with the Mexican government in a redress of grievance was met with a long train of abuses. The people of Texas seceded from Mexico because of the oppressive Mexican government.

The United States acquired the territories of the Philippines, Cuba and the Marshall Islands. in the spoils of war. All three islands gained their independence from the United States. Did the US government or the country fall apart? No, it did not. A large percentage of Puerto Rico still wants to secede from the United States than become a state or a territory.

When the old Soviet Union broke up. The former Soviet republics broke away from the Russia. It did not tear apart Russia. Russia is doing fine without the former Soviet Republics. The Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus and Georgia are all sovereign independent republics. It did not divide the people or cause a civil war. Secession is a healthy movement. It did not destroy Russia. Secession did not lead to mass instability after the communist system collapsed.

The Scottish people are seeking secession from the United Kingdom. Greece, Spain and other European countries are seeking to secede from the European Union. Secession is a global movement. Countries or a people seeking this remedy to preserve their economic and cultural integrity. Secession is not an evil word. It is necessary.

With the recent election of Obama for four more years. People know this man is bad news. What he has planned for American is not good. States are seeking secession as a remedy to preserve their economic industries and the standard of living of what is left and sovereignty. Texas might be the first state to secede first. After that happens, we can see a chain reaction of other states following Texas.

For the people saying this is not good or it is a trap. Well not seceding is like a woman staying with her abusive husband. Being an abused spouse being beaten daily to near death. If she does not leave, she will die. To say she needs to stay in the marriage because the husband will change is a pipe dream. To say she must stay with an abusive husband who is trying to break her will for the sake of preserving the institution of marriage. To believe that is a death sentence to her when she knows leaving him is the only choice when all has be tried to turn around the marriage has failed because the husband refuses to change. Secession is a political divorce from the party that has broken the compact.

States that stay in the union will suffer to the point of no return with no recovery. If states secede they can preserve their economies and stay free. Some states may turn tyrannical who secede. Some will flourish being free from the Federal government.

Secession is a global movement. It is necessary, it moral and it is right. Secession is a remedy when the other party becomes destructive to the states. I do not think secession will bring us a civil war. There maybe short term unrest.It will bring stability in the long run. The founders believed in secession. Early Texans believed in secession. Secession is good solution then. It is still a good solution today.



Dale Williams is a libertarian talk show host in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is known for his no-holds-barred radio presence and ability to go past the mainstream pundits and cut to the heart of the subject, whether he's talking to a local man on the street or international figures like Paul Craig Roberts or Gerald Celente. Dale is an expert in self-defense firearms, military hardware, and has a background in numismatics and as a body guard.

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