USA: Police State

Why Cops Fear SHTF

riotsThough I agree that there are some good cops,The majority of the cops believe that they are above the law. They go through that ego power trip and believe they have some kind of elevated authority over everyone else because they are allowed to carry a gun and have a badge. The truth is the majority of police are crooks, even worse than gangsters, that are backed by a corrupt system that wont prosecute them for their crimes because this system wants them to terrorize and control the mass population through fear. The biggest difference between the “gangs” and “legal gangs” is that there is absolutely no one to turn to when they come to you . Any sudden movements no matter how innocent has the ability to slap on serious charges and its your word against theirs. Though there are the few, it makes people VERY unsettled to know they are out there .The cops in this video and many more like them are nothing but thugs hiding behind a badge. Until the corruption is nipped in the bud, the people haven’t a chance to fight back.