Liberty Commentary

Words Are Power & Erosion of Freedom Has Been Accomplished With Words – No Shots Fired

by Freedom Lady

PowerWordsFreedom, the very foundation of that which this Nation was founded upon, has been under attack for so long, there’s little left for individuals. Still, there are some areas of one’s life where Freedom can still ring, for those who desire it.

Freedom is a Right which comes from a Higher Power, however throughout history, evil men who lust for power, when in seats of power manage to find ways to erode this inalienable Right.

Thousands fought and died during the Revolutionary war to leave you and me a legacy of Freedom in this country. Now just a little over two hundred years later, it is taboo in many circles to speak the word. Today, the erosion of the total concept of freedom has reached such a degree that there is not much left.

As we enter year 2013, the topic out of Washington relates to another huge step in the dismantling of Personal Freedom and Private property ownership, calling it the “Fiscal Cliff,” which is just the latest verbiage to describe the next phase of the disaster we face, the Transformation of this country which President Obama promised in his first term. Which we now know means changing from the Principles of Freedom this country was founded upon to an entirely different system of Socialism.

The change was well underway when he took office. The question is, how has this drastic change taken place without a shot being fired? I have pondered a great deal about this, and it’s my personal conclusion, it has been accomplished with words of the English language.The meaning of ordinary words have been changed to mean something different than the usual accepted definition. I call it prostitution of the language.

This screwing around, changing the meaning of the language, comes right out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and is referred to as Dialectic Materialism. A very clever and effective ploy, obviously, based upon the conditions we face today.

The Communist leader Lenin laid out plans for conquering the world for socialist communism in 1924, and saying the “United States we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.” We are far down that road and almost there. We are today experiencing the fulfillment of the prophecy of Lenin’s words.

Ours has been a nation of a lot of very smart, creative, inventive, hard-working generous people, how did we fall into this trap of Socialism, a very inferior system to one of a Republic, born to be free, whose principles were a Free-enterprising Capitalistic system?

The fiscal cliff should not be our concern, because that is only the effects, and not the cause. The question everyone should be asking is, “How did we reach this hellish state?”

It’s my conclusion it has been accomplished by the use and mis-use of the language. Without a shot being fired, we have been talked into the conditions we now face. Misleading lies, false promises, and the evil intent promoted via words.

Anyone who has the audacity to doubt the veracity of this premise, has not been paying intention. Never asking what Transformation of America meant, and never told. Ignoring the fact, Freedom requires “eternal vigilance.” Ignoring the fact that the role of this original political government was designed to protect this nation from “Domestic and Foreign Enemies.” It has instead, placed this nation of 300 million-plus citizenry in bondage, no longer free.

Foreign enemies have been domesticated, and roam among us, some in elected positions, grinding out laws, ignoring the Constitution. While we sit back and listen to lies and more lies coming from those in positions of power, in the centralized government.

We do not act responsibly, and talk about Freedom, what we had and lost; instead we just listen to all the propaganda of lies, coming at us 24-7, from the controlled liberal press. The wonderful thing we had, in Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the press, has been the tool used against us, and lulled us into a state of irresponsibility, buying into whatever words they choose to use, rocking us into a slumber of not knowing, not caring, and not doing what is required to stay free. Accepting the irresponsibility of a nanny state instead of the self-responsibility required to stay free.

The millions of school students enrolled in the socialist tax-funded school system, are lulled into the tenets of socialism by teachers teaching from text-books filled with socialist indoctrination. We are now in the sixth generation of these schools of indoctrination. Using the words of the language, to graduate students filled with ideas and a belief in socialism. Taught lies and not truth about the history of this nation. Then go on to higher education in government-funded colleges using goverrnment tax money.

So what do they do when they graduate? Many lie in the streets and “occupy.” Others wander around looking for unavailable jobs. A few find jobs, while others go into politics, or find government jobs. So many wandering around looking for hand-outs and others bail-outs.

All because of conditions brought about as a result of the use and mis-use of the language. I have an upcoming article describing how some individuals have mimicked the government by creating their own dictionary, mis-defining ordinary words, out of thin air. A modern day Tower of Babel story.