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Short of Actually Scary People, SPLC Targets Anarcho-Capitalists


from Reason

morris-deesI have to assume that it’s fundraising time at the Southern Poverty Law Center, because Morris Dees and company have gone looking for new people to label enemies of the republic. This time, they’ve found those long underappreciated serpents nesting in our midst, notorious fellow-travelers of the Patriot Movement knows as … anarcho-capitalists?

That even SPLC writer Leah Nelson, may think her organization is reaching a bit far with this one might be indicated by the oddly passive title of the piece, “‘Anarcho-Capitalists’ Seen as Cousins of the ‘Patriot’ Movement.” They are? By whom? Oh. You mean the SPLC sees them as “cousins” yada yada and somehow potentially dangerous and hateful.

It’s never a good sign for the credibility of a scare piece when it portrays as a sinister representative of a dangerous movement somebody who isn’t known as a prominent member of that movement at all. In this case, Nelson picks on Porter Stansberry a doom-and-gloom, though respected, investment advisor. Stansberry is probably best known as a First Amendment martyr whose persecution by the SEC was opposed by such extremists as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Nelson starts in on some opinions and kookiness voiced by Stansberry.


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