When All Else Fails

The Gold Confiscation Myth

from RealeconTV

silver-gold-coins1It was a scam.

Here’s what actually happened:

1. FDR signed a paper.

3. The news media created hysterical fear and Americans VOLUNTARILY gave up their gold to the Treasury.

3. Chase screwed one of its customers (surprise, surprise!) by turning over his gold against his will.

4. The Feds tried to prosecute the customer – and failed – but the Feds kept the gold.

Morals of the story:

1. Don’t give banks control over your assets.

2. Any coin dealer that uses the “truth” of gold confiscation as a reason to sell you high priced gold coins because they can’t be confiscated “like back in 1933” is either an idiot or a scam artist – or both.