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5th-graders vote for guns in school

from WND

WTFA group of fifth-grade students here held a mock trial and delivered a unanimous decision — that adults with concealed firearm permits should be permitted to have guns in schools.

Students at the South Jordan Elementary School have conducted mock court trials for the past seven years. Teacher Laurie Erickson explained that the students selected the topic from a list of several presented to them. The students asked members of the community to participate in the
trial and to offer their testimony on the subject of gun control in schools.

Students took part as attorneys, judge and bailiff, while the rest of
the class members served as the jury.

Erickson said the students spent the past two weeks preparing
arguments and contacting witnesses to testify on both sides of the

Rep. Merrill Cook, R-Utah, was the star of the show. He told the
young jurors that he did not personally want teachers to have firearms
in school, but he also did not want to deny them their right to carry a
firearm if that is their choice and if they have a concealed firearm

Janalee Tobias, the founder of Women Against Gun Control, also
testified at the “trial.” Tobias spoke as a mother, and said she was
concerned about violence in schools, telling the students, “I want my
kids to be protected.”