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UN Syria "Peace Plan" a Fraud

from Land Destroyer

fcc9f_la-apphoto-mideast-syria2.jpg-20121227UN “peace envoy” Lakhdar Brahimi  is attempting to broker a transitional government ahead of proposed elections in Syria. For Brahimi, his efforts are not only in vain, they are entirely disingenuous. The proposal of a “transitional government” in the midst of what is in fact a foreign invasion, funded, armed, and perpetuated openly by foreign interests violates both Syria’s sovereignty and the UN’s own founding charter. It would be not unlike a UN envoy visiting Poland at the beginning of World War II, and proposing a transitional government in the midst of the Nazi invasion. The UN would clearly be a facilitator of injustice, not a broker of peace.

The LA Times reports in their article, “Lakhdar Brahimi works to revive Syria peace plan“:

“Peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi made a new push Thursday to draw Syrian officials and rebels into negotiations, aiming to revive a plan for a transitional government and elections that faltered because of disagreements over the future of President Bashar Assad.”

The UN has categorically failed to delineate between legitimate opposition inside of Syria, and bands of roving armed terrorists committing wide scale atrocities against the Syrian people – many of whom are not even from Syria, all of whom are heavily armed by the US, NATO, and its regional allies including Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar as part of a long standing plan to effect regime change in both Syria and Iran. The Western press is not only supporting the UN’s disingenuous efforts, it has gone through great lengths to delegitimize any opposition in Syria that refuses to pick up arms, or that speaks out against foreign intervention.

While the LA Times attempts to make the UN plan seem reasonable, with only Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia standing in the way of peace, in reality, the plan is yet another effort to frame the conflict as a political struggle instead of the foreign invasion it actually is.

Syria is Being Invaded by Foreign Terrorists

The armed “rebels” the UN is refusing to condemn, constitute foreign Al Qaeda fighters, including theUS State Department, United Nations, and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf)-listed international terrorist organization, the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Al Nusra also known as “Al Qaeda in Iraq,” and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood extremists. None of these terrorist factions would be negotiated with by Western nations if by some means their weapons turned from Syria and back toward the West. Yet the West demands that they not only be recognized and negotiated with, but indeed handed the entire nation of Syria to rule over.

In November 2011, the Telegraph in their article, “Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group,” would report:

Abdulhakim Belhadj, head of the Tripoli Military Council and the former leader
of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, “met with Free Syrian Army
leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey,” said a military
official working with Mr Belhadj. “Mustafa Abdul Jalil (the interim
Libyan president) sent him there.”

Another Telegraph article, “Libya’s new rulers offer weapons to Syrian rebels,” would admit

Syrian rebels held secret talks with Libya’s new authorities on Friday,
aiming to secure weapons and money for their insurgency against
President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, The Daily Telegraph has learned.

Later that month, some 600 Libyan terrorists
would be reported to have entered Syria to begin combat operations and in July 2012, CNN, whose Ivan Watson accompanied terrorists
over the
Turkish-Syrian border and into Aleppo, revealed that indeed foreign
fighters were amongst the militants, particularly Libyans. It was admitted that:

CNN also added:

On Wednesday, CNN’s crew met a Libyan fighter who had crossed into
Syria from Turkey with four other Libyans. The fighter wore full
camouflage and was carrying a Kalashnikov rifle. He said more Libyan
fighters were on the way.The foreign fighters, some of them are clearly drawn because they
see this as … a jihad. So this is a magnet for jihadists who see this as
a fight for Sunni Muslims.

In essence, Syria has been under invasion for nearly a year by Libyan
terrorists. Additionally, in the immediate aftermath of the US recognizing its own handpicked “opposition coalition” as the “representatives of the Syrian people,” its leader, Moaz al-Khatib, immediately demanded that the US lift sanctions on Al Qaeda terrorist organization al-Nusra.

Reuters quoted al-Khatib as saying:

“The decision to consider a party that is fighting the regime as a terrorist party needs to be reviewed. We might disagree with some parties and their ideas and
their political and ideological vision. But we affirm that all
the guns of the rebels are aimed at overthrowing the tyrannical
criminal regime.”

Not only is the West refusing to acknowledge that Syria’s conflict is one of foreign and domestic terrorism, it is actively arming, funding, and offering safe haven to these terrorist factions. NATO-member Turkey is directly complicit in facilitating Libya’s
extraterritorial aggression by hosting Libyan fighters within its
borders, while coordinating their funding, arming, and logistics as they
cross the Turkish-Syrian border. Along Turkey’s borders also
facilitating Libya’s invasion of Syria, is America’s CIA.

The New York Times admitted in June 2012 in their article, “C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition,”
that “CIA officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey,” and
directing weapons including, “automatic rifles, rocket-propelled
grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons.” The NYT implicates
Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar as the primary underwriters for the
weapons while the CIA coordinates the logistics.

Image: The “Friends of Syria” represent many of the co-conspirators described in Seymour Hersh’s extensive 9 page report “The Redirection.” Syria’s violence is not the result of an indigenous uprising carrying “political aspirations,” but rather
the conspiring and machinations of the global elite, who long-ago
premeditated the destruction of Syria for their own, larger, overarching
geopolitical agenda.

US policy versus Syria stretches as
far back as 2007, where US officials admitted that they planned to overthrow the government
of Syria with foreign-sectarian extremists, using nations like Saudi
Arabia to channel funds and weapons through – specifically to maintain
the illusion that they were somehow not involved.

Seymour Hersh’s lengthy 9 page report, “The Redirection
published in the New Yorker in 2007 exposes US plans to use clandestine
means to overthrow the government of Syria in a wider effort to
undermine and destroy Iran. “A by-product of these activities,” writes
Hersh, “has been the bolstering of Sunni
extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile
to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.”

Al-Nusra are openly affiliates of Al Qaeda. To say that Libya’s LIFG are “sympathetic to Al Qaeda” would, however, be misleading. It is Al Qaeda.

LIFG merged with the US-Saudi created terror organization in 2007,
according to the US Army’s West Point Combating Terrorism Center report,
Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq:”

The apparent surge in Libyan recruits traveling to Iraq may be linked
the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’s (LIFG) increasingly cooperative
relationship with al?Qa’ida, which culminated in the LIFG officially
joining al?Qa’ida on November 3, 2007. (page 9, .pdf)

Hersh’s report would continue by stating, “the Saudi government, with
Washington’s approval, would provide funds
and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad,
of Syria.” This included billions to pro-Saudi factions in Lebanon who
were propping up militant groups linked to Al Qaeda. These militant groups are now crossing over the Lebanese-Syrian border to join their Libyan counterparts.

Clearly the conspiracy being pieced together and executed in 2007,
described by Seymour Hersh citing a myriad of US, Saudi, and Lebanese
sources, is unfolding before our eyes. It was a conspiracy hatched of
mutual US-Israeli-Saudi interests, not based on humanitarian concerns or
“democracy,” but rather on toppling sovereign nations seen as a threat
to their collective extraterritorial influence throughout the region.

The UN’s failure to acknowledge a documented conspiracy by foreign interests to violently overthrow the government of Syria (and eventually Iran) once again exposes the international body as a tool for special interests. Its attempts to broker a “peace plan” between foreign terrorists invading Syria as proxies for Western powers, lacks any dimension of legitimacy. The Syrian government and its allies must redouble their efforts to frame the conflict as the invasion that it is – and call for both support and patience globally while Syria confronts and defeats these foreign invaders and the foreign interests arming and driving them.

Lakhdar Brahimi, like Kofi Annan before him, is simply buying time for the West’s crumbling narrative. Syria and its allies must finally let it crumble, so the real business of saving Syria can get underway – through nation-wide anti-terrorism security operations, and the diplomatic confrontation of foreign interests supporting terrorism in and around Syria.

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