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Is Social Security an Insurance Program or a Government-Taxed Insurance Program?

by Freedom Lady

Signing_Of_The_Social_Security_ActCurrently during all the wrangling and political foreplay in Washington, the Social Security program is the sure-fire political football to get attention and divert attention. It’s the one government program that’s used to uncover, recover, and discover all sorts of devious plots, to implement more government intervention in the lives of the citizenry to tax and take property from the producers in this country.

In previous articles, I sometimes point out the similarity of President Obama to the regime of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was the poster president for Socialism. His art of persuasion via his mesmerising voice, could doodlebug a following from the people and politicians, and usually got whatever he set out to accomplish. Just by use of words and the language.

So it is with President Obama. He has no background of any meaningful accomplishments. He was a community organizer, however his ability to use his voice, via use of the language to accomplish whatever he desires, is matched only by Roosevelt.

For quite sometime I’ve been incubating an article about the Social Security program. Because no matter what the powers at-be spring forth, to gouge the American people out of their property (money), Social Security is always thrown into the mix. It is mentioned in any other so-called entitlement programs.

I grew up in the Roosevelt era, and Social Security is the hallmark of his regime. Just as Obamacare is the hallmark of the Obama regime.

In the current debate in Washington, to determine just how many more billions they plan on extracting from the citizenry, when Social Security is mentioned it is always in conjunction with other programs. For example if Medicare is mentioned, so is Medicaid, as if they are the same. It’s all part of the Orwellian strategy to scare senior citizens, to keep quiet and not resist other programs, as if one is piggy-backed upon the other.

The purpose of this article is to point out that the Social Security program is different than all other government mandated programs. Because recipients have paid into the program under the notion that at some point, after age 62, they can cash in on their investment. This is because it was originally sold to the American people as an insurance program, to be used to take care of them when they were older and no longer able to work.

Subsequently, it came before the Supreme Court and ruled a tax by the court. Precisely the same way Obamacare was ruled a tax, after being sold to the American people as a health insurance program.

At age 16, I had a little job in high school sweeping the halls, and as I recall, made $3.00 a month. Which was my beginning of paying into Social Security, back in the thirties, during the Great Depression. Subsequently, having a number of different jobs during my lifetime, always paying into the Social Security program. But I have never received a Social Security check.

In the propaganda mill of political government, to bamboozle the people with confusion, the Social Security program is spoken of in connection with other entitlement programs, like Medicaid, as if they are the same pea in the pod. However they are not, because such programs as Medicaid are not paid for by recipients per se.

Social Security, despite the fact it is a tax, is collected for the specific promise of a return on the money back to the payee at a specific age. And was sold to the American people in the beginning as an insurance program. That is, the payroll deductions, paid into the system by workers, was a promise, like an insurance program, one could collect on at some later point in time. Why? because of a promise by the government, payroll deductions were for the specific purpose of one receiving monthly Social Security checks at a certain age, based upon the amount individuals paid into the system during working years.

A reminder that taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence a system of thievery. However, the thing which sets Social Security apart from all other so-called entitlement programs, is the underlying fact that it is collected for a promise of reimbursement, at some point in time to the payee, in the form of monthly checks, the amount based upon the amount paid into the system. It was promised by the government, forced payroll deductions, paid by the worker, would be held like an insurance company, to be reimbursed via monthly payments at a certain age, when the payee applied for the monthly checks, when they became eligible.

The thing that makes Social Security different from other entitlement programs, like Medicaid and food stamps, is eligibility for receiving, and is based upon the fact one has paid into the program over the years for the specific purpose of monthly payments at a later date.

It is reported political government has used the monies paid into the system by workers. It has been spent on other things by the government. But that’s not the fault of the one paying into the system. There’s a lot of moaning and groaning about Social Security recipients being paid by this generation of workers. Equating by some as a government Ponzi scheme.

This is not the fault of the retired worker receiving monthly Social Security checks. If it is true that Social Security monies paid into the system have arbitrarily been spent on other things, the fault lies within those elected officials, in Washington, who took money earmarked for retirement checks, and spent it on other things. Hence the money has been stolen, and those responsible should be held accountable.

It is not the responsibility of the recipients of monies paid into the system, earmarked for retirement checks, to account for the missing monies. It is the responsibility of those who stole the money and spent it elsewhere.

There is a truism to the notion that the tempo of the American people is never far ahead of nor very far behind the activities going on relative to decisions by elected politicians. In this connection, while all those in Washington are busy trying to decide just how many billions of dollars they are going to hold Americans captive to pay for, my question is why is it no one is holding the powers at-be for mishandling and recklessly spending all those payroll deductions of billions of dollars?

The bottom line is We the People have a responsibility to hold those in charge of handling the money paid into the government trough, accountable for their actions. Instead, we have sat idly by and allowed a la carte spending of monies which belong to the people who have paid into the system. Hence we have the inverted pyramid, teetering to topple.

In my opinion, the Social Security is different from any other program. But we have allowed, via the propaganda use of the language, to use, confuse and abuse the hard-earned dollars paid into the system by the American people. The continued promotion of lumping other designs of entitlement programs, hitching on to Social Security entitlements, is so glaringly Marxist propaganda.

While all those in the three branches of government are eating, meeting, jetting around on vacations, partying, and having a good time on your money, we sit idly by accepting their propaganda that we’re going over the cliff, when the truth of the matter is we have already been dumped over the money cliff. And accept the fact, they are about to charge us to pay billions more to keep on doing the same thing.

From Fredrich Hayek comes this quote: “The case of individual Freedom, rests largely on the recognition of the inevitable and universal ignorance of all of us concerning a great many of the factors on which the achievements of our ends and welfare depend.”