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Mr. Government Man, I Don’t Believe You!

Mike’s Madman Rant

WarAndInflationMr. Government Man, it certainly looks as if you are dead set on disarming the American Public and are using as your basis, gun violence committed by disturbed people with facts known only to you. Let me be clear here Mr. Government Man; your facts as presented, coupled with your past history of perpetrating lies to accomplish your goals, invokes little to no trust in your version of events at Sandy Hook, Aurora and Ft. Hood.

Included in the 2000 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was the admission by then president Clinton and the congress that you knew the Japanese Navy was on its way to attack Pearl Harbor, yet you did not inform the military leaders on the ground there which led to the deaths of some 2,403 Americans. And this does not include the hundreds of thousands who died in the war you used your deception to initiate. Therefore, grounds have been established that you are not above killing your own citizens in order to achieve your agenda, are you Mr. Government Man?

There is also the Gulf of Tonkin incident and your lies about those events which led to the deaths of 58, 209 Americans. Again, in a report from the National Security Agency, these lies were admitted. We actually didn’t need that confession because Admiral James Stockdale, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, who was present at the scene, wrote of your lies about this event in history many years ago. Once again you proved your willingness to sacrifice American lives to attain your political goals, Mr. Government Man.

The above admitted lies and many more you have told over the years was probably the cause of my overwhelming desire to up-chuck when the current leader of your criminal gang mentioned the phrase “transparency in government” during his first campaign.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the reasons I don’t believe much of anything you say about the shooting at Sandy Hook.

1.       Senator Diane Feinstein met with the folks at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on 2 November, 2012 to clarify content on the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” (AWB) The same ban she conveniently decided to introduce after the Sandy Hook shooting. My question here, Mr. Government Man is:  Did Mrs. Feinstein have advance knowledge of not only who was going to win the election but that an event was going to occur right after that election which would cause tearful Americans to support the Assault Weapons Ban proposed by Obama in the presidential debate in October and refined by Feinstein and the BATFE in early November, before the election. Again “coincidence is for those who can’t see the wheels and pulleys.”

2.      The first reports from Sandy Hook said that the alleged perpetrator had in his possession two handguns and that all of the victims had been shot with those handguns. Who gave this info to the media? Must have been someone with access to the crime scene. The firearms reported to have been used were of the semi-automatic variety which would mean the spent casings would have been strewn about the scene, especially considering Mr. Lanza took his own life there. Later, aired the morning of the shooting only, a media video of police removing a long gun from the trunk of what was reported to be the vehicle Mr. Lanza used to arrive at the scene was aired on local news. The firearm being removed from that car was obviously not an AR-15 as was later reported. It was clearly a shotgun. While most politicians couldn’t tell the difference, we gun nuts can.

3.      The initial video reports, obviously taken from a helicopter, showed a team of law enforcement personnel detaining a suspect in the woods behind the school. No mention of that suspect has been reported since that first day, explaining who that person was or why they were being pursued by the police. Who was that person, Mr. Government Man and why have they not been mentioned since you broadcast for consumption your old standard, the “lone-nut gunman” scenario?

4.      Other “suspects” were seen in custody at the scene and police communications mentioned suspects being “proned out.”  Who were those “suspects” Mr. Government Man; where are they now and why haven’t you mentioned them again?

5.       Additional reports stated Mr. Lanza fired “hundreds of rounds” and hundreds more with him. Two days later your story changed from the deaths being inflicted by the handguns to your new statement all were killed with a “Bushmaster AR-15.” (If you need justification for an assault weapons ban best fabricate a story where that is the weapon used) Mr. Government Man, police officers are normally aware what caliber and what type weapons were used at the scene by simply examining the spent casings from the “hundreds of rounds” you claim were expended. Did the type weapon used, though it obviously was not the weapon taken from the trunk, change to support Mrs. Feinstein’s proposed legislation and the president’s goal of enacting an “assault weapons” ban? Also, please explain why the perpetrator of this crime would have used an AR-15 to shoot over 20 people, carry it outside to his automobile, place it in the trunk and then return inside the school and kill himself. I don’t believe your story, Mr. Government Man.

6.      Your claim remains that entry to the school was secured by shooting out the glass at an entrance door. Where are the pictures of that door and also the pictures of the hundreds of spent casings? Surely you would use such pictures to support your appeal to the ignorant masses, showing bullet holes and casings everywhere, gaining their support for your agenda—if they exist that is.

7.      One of your top henchmen, the less than honorable, Eric Holder, arrived in Connecticut to speak only to first responders. Why would you send the man who facilitated the transfer of thousands of your hated “assault weapons” via Operation Fast and Furious, into the hands of known criminal gang members, at least one of which lead to the death of a federal law enforcement officer, to debrief first responders? Was he substituting for a grief counselor who was ill that day or was he there to make sure their stories matched the ones released to the media? (There are many more questions on Sandy Hook but time and space compel me to move on)

8.     In Aurora, Colorado a witness stated in a media interview that another person in the theater received a phone call, then got up and went to an exit door, opening what would prove to be the entrance used by the shooter. What happened to that witness; why has that been lost in the “lone-nut gunman” scenario and who was the man who opened the door, Mr. Government Man, and why has this not been discussed in the media? Are facts that don’t fit your agenda just never mentioned again because you know Boobus only has an attention span related to the next sporting event on TV or Dancing with The Stars?

9.      Mr. Government Man, why did Ft. Hood Commander, Lt. General Bob Cone, report on live TV concerning the Ft. Hood shooting that “the shooter was killed, two additional soldiers were tracked to an adjacent facility and that they were suspects” and then the tried and true “lone-nut gunman” scenario was trotted out and no mention of the other soldier “suspects” has ever been made?  CNN also reported that a “suspect” was retained at the Ft. Hood golf course and several witnesses reported the suspect was carried away by “men in suits” driving a black Ford Crown Victoria in a convoy of black SUV’s. Now, where did that man go and who did he really work for and why has he never been mentioned again?

Mr. Government Man, your facts just don’t add up; your past history of lies leading to the deaths of thousands of Americans does nothing to make me or scores of other emerging skeptics believe your questionable statement of facts, especially considering they fit perfectly your previously stated and planned agenda to disarm the citizens of this country.

Real Americans should be really troubled when you and your one-world government cronies (UN) create a scenario where you have everything to gain while those of us who cherish liberty have everything to lose.