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House GOP Seeks To Abolish IRS: Replace Income Tax With ‘Consumption Tax’

tumblr_mayvzenTSd1r9zhbmo1_500A new bill has been introduced in Congress by Republican Representative Rob Woodall from Georgia that would abolish the IRS and replace it with a ‘consumption tax’. As someone who is completely against any attempt by the government to extort and rob Americans of their hard earned wages, I think that this will be a HUGE step in the right direction. Let those who consume the most pay the most; meanwhile, protect those people who choose not to ‘consume’. The IRS is a TOTAL SCAM and attempting to force Americans to pay money to them is nothing less than criminal. DEFUND THEM!!!! The story below from The Hill.

Fifty-four House Republicans on Thursday reintroduced legislation that would terminate the IRS and replace the system of income taxes on people and corporations with a consumption tax.

The FairTax Act, from Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.), would abolish the 16th Amendment, which was ratified 100 years ago this February. That amendment gives Congress the power to impose income taxes without having to spend the revenues evenly among the states.

Woodall’s bill, H.R. 25, would replace the current tax system with a 23 percent consumption tax on all new goods and services. He said Thursday that this change would eliminate the need for a complicated tax code, and would be the kind of tax reform that helps reinvigorate the economy.

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