USA: Police State

Cops Unleash Armored ‘Beast’ For Patrols


Bearcat-340x178Police in one Atlanta community are taking extraordinary measures to deal with heightened rates of violent crime – the unleashing of armored vehicles capable of withstanding bullets fired from AK-47s.

Originally reported by WSB Atlanta, police are using an armored vehicle normally used by SWAT teams to battle a series of burglaries and home invasions in a south Fulton County neighborhood.

Fulton County police Capt. Wade Yates said the vehicle could help in a foot chase.

Last week, a woman was shot multiple times during a break-in in the area. Police say the burglars fled in a stolen car and were able to escape when they jumped out and ran into some woods.

But the new unit is equipped with thermal imaging for such a time as that, officials said.

Police also said the armored car is meant to reassure residents. Officers are also putting in longer hours and more patrol shifts to increase police presence in the area, the report said.