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Pardon My Father, Christopher Bollyn

DCFC0028.JPGUpdate:  Catherine’s petition has been signed by more than 900 people, for which she is very grateful. Please note – the petition is not restricted to U.S. citizens and can be signed by people from any nation.  To get a presidential response we need another 24,100 signatures.  Many thanks to those who have signed from all over the world.

Read and sign Catherine’s petition at:

Catherine Bollyn started a petition on January 10 asking for a presidential pardon for her father.  Her petition needs to have a total of 25,000 signatures, by February 9, in order to get a presidential response.  Shortly after submitting her petition the White House moved the goalposts for new petitions to 100,000!

Please sign Catherine’s petition to get a pardon for Christopher Bollyn at:

We have received quite a bit of positive feedback, such as the following note:

Dear Christopher,
It is indeed a great pleasure to sign your daughter’s petition to the White House to pardon you for being a Great American… Your daughter is indeed a courageous and loving person… I will offer up my prayers for success.
Sincerely and with highest regards,

Note:  We are also contacting the office the Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn (D), to prepare a formal request for a pardon.

Illinois residents can send messages to the governor at:

AFTER THE POLICE ASSAULT – The Bollyn family at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago on August 21, 2006, while looking for a lawyer.  Catherine is in front of her mother.  We found that it is not easy to find a good lawyer for cases where the police are involved in a criminal conspiracy against a citizen.

The text of Catherine’s petition reads:

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Pardon My Father, Christopher Bollyn

I witnessed my father being brutally attacked by undercover police at my home on 8/15/06. He had called 911 to report a suspicious vehicle with three men wearing body armor prowling near our house. These men then showed up and my mother and I faced them on our driveway. My dad ran out asking who they were. The men wore no uniforms and refused to identify themselves. When my dad turned to get my uncle, the men tackled him and pinned him to the ground. One knelt on his head while the other handcuffed and TASERed him. Suddenly many police cars appeared and he was taken away. He was falsely charged with assault and resisting arrest. He pled innocent in court. The police videos were destroyed and he was found guilty. We have now lived 5 years in exile. I want to go home. Please pardon my dad.

Created: Jan 10, 2013

Catherine, age 8, witnessed the entire police assault on her father.

OH, HAPPY DAYS – The Bollyn kids in front of their house before the attack.  The police assault occurred on the lawn in front of the flowers near the front door.  It is important to note that the police invasion and assault in response to the 911 call occurred entirely on the private property of the Bollyn family. responded to Catherine’s petition:

Thank you for creating a petition on We the People!  You now have 30 days to get 25,000 signatures in order for your petition to be reviewed by the White House. Until your petition has 150 signatures, it will only be available from the following URL and will not be publicly viewable on the Open Petitions section of We the People:



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