USA: Police State

Woman faces trial after buying legal allergy pills

from Desmoines Register

bildeRhonda McGee lives in an immaculate khaki-colored farmhouse with a white picket fence off Highway 5 in southeast Iowa.

McGee doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would be part of a meth conspiracy.

Still, this is Iowa, ground zero for the book “Methland” and countless films and TV shows of the same ilk. None of us is exactly blown away to hear about lawyers, nursing home workers or farm wives caught using or making methamphetamine.

But I have to admit, McGee brought some compelling questions this month to the Reader’s Watchdog about the investigative techniques being used to bring down an alleged meth ring in southeast Iowa.

McGee and her supporters wanted to know how a person with no drug history could be arrested for buying too much allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine — without coming anywhere near the legal limits established in state code.

The case gained more import when some Des Moines lawyers reportedly advised clients they should back away from joining McGee in speaking out, for fear neither those clients nor McGee would get a fair trial.

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