Professor’s Crazy Rant Caught on Video

Posted: February 20th, 2013 by Facebook Friend

derangedRandolph Roth, a history professor at Ohio State University, recently gave a campus speech that launched into a massive tirade against Republicans and other subjects in a talk so controversial, even university officials have yet to release official video of it.

But members of the school’s independent, libertarian-leaning student newspaper, The Rubicon, captured the Jan. 24 speech on film and loaded it up on YouTube yesterday.

“As I tell my female friends, as we move towards equality… you have start to killing more people,” Roth said within minutes of beginning the discussion. He reiterated, “If you want to get rid of this gender business, you’ve got to start killing.”…

Throughout the hour-and-a-half dialogue, Roth repeatedly belittled and derided supporters of the 2nd Amendment. He referred to them as “afraid” and “motivated by anger,” and stated that they “walk around in fear” and “worry about fellow Americans.”…

Roth stated that owners of AR-15s are dishonest if they claim to use it for hunting. He urged them to admit the rifle “facilitates mass-murder” and is used to “blow things up.”… Roth referred to Republican voters as “anti-Obama,” and insisted they voted out of “resistance to the idea of a black president.”

… The professor even found time to demand higher taxes and praise the ‘indoctrination by teachers and the media” used against students. He also made outlandish suggestions about his desire to study monitor people and push them to the brink of murder.

Click here to read the full report on The Rubicon. It offers shortcuts to video clips that highlight the various statements the professor made.


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