Militant Rants

Valentine Day News, ‘Washington Ranked Number One In Extramarital Affairs’

by Freedom Lady

House-of-Cards-2Woke up this Valentine’s Day morning to the headline news, “Washington ranked number one in marital affairs.” The second segment of the news was about seven Atlanta policemen arrested for taking thousands in bribes to protect drug-dealers.

These kinds of headlines are indicators of what so many perceive about that which is Right and that which is wrong. Personally, I have little concern about who is sleeping with whom. However, with great concern, I write so much about is who is stealing from whom. But it is worth noting and reporting, Washington, the center of centralized political government, based upon a system of thievery, is the capitol and top area in the country, relating to screwing around on each other.

Taxation, by definition, is a system of thievery. An involuntary relinquishment of one’s property. I’m aware there are some who claim they don’t mind paying taxes, which to me is hog-wash, and a way of medicating one’s feeling over the taking of their property. A sort of head in the sand notion one prefers not to face the reality and responsibility of the Truth about thievery.

Stealing is taking one’s property in violation of the will of the Owner. Killing is stealing one’s life in violation of the owner. Rape is thievery of one’s body in violation of the owner. Child porn and incest are acts of stealing one’s body, in violation of the will of the owner.

Headline news about extramarital affairs of law-makers, is not thievery, but considered acts of immorality by some and quite acceptable behavior by others. Quite frankly I don’t really care who’s sleeping with whom on a voluntary basis. Aside from the fact, in the city that’s the center of extramarital affairs, is the center of a political government whose tax-paid jobs is supposed to be protecting the citizenry from foreign and domestic enemies. And if it’s true that extra-marital affairs, which connotes sexual affairs, are so rampant in Washington that it’s ranked number one in that activity, it suggests attention on below-the-belt activity, instead of above the neck concerns about what is happening to this country. It is one of the reasons, the downward spiral of departure from the Principles this nation was founded on, into the abysmal mediocrity of socialism is happening.

And the general notion of the majority of Americans that the solution is write your congressman, and go vote, is not working to reverse the direction this country is headed. Obviously , those in elected positions are ignoring all that letter writing, text messages, phone calls and etc, because their interest is on other areas. A reminder, politics is a con game. That is, keep your eye on one ball, while their attention is elsewhere. Politicians encourage their constituents, to write, call and stay in touch with them. It feeds their ego, and enhances their notion of importance. And promotes the game-plan of keeping one’s eye on one ball, while juggling something different.

Where your attention is, you are, and if this morning’s headline news is correct, the attention in Washington is someplace other than protecting this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. Which is the role of political government. And the job of police protection, according to the news, in collusion with the enemy, i.e., those out there selling drugs to children.

I specify “political government” consistently in my writings, because there are actually two kinds of government. Specifically, the self-government of Freedom, and political government, which is the antithesis of self-government. Freedom is a subject taboo in most circles, to talk about now-a-days.

In the President’s speech this week, a strong call for more and more tax increases, an urgency to take more and more of one’s property, to flow into the coffers in Washington, and every dollar taken, reduces one’s self-government, because the “taking” transfers the power of self-government onto political government. Where so much squandering of one’s money is going on.

The system of socialism is the number one enemy, taking over to replace the number one purpose of our founding fathers, which was a system of personal freedom, and free-enterprise. Inasmuch as Socialism is replacing the system of government which our founding fathers fought and died for, then it is obvious, current political government is not protecting from domestic enemies, instead promoting the enemy, Socialism, a dereliction of duty in my opinion.

Before anyone can do anything about conditions we face today, one must face the reality of what’s taking place, and it appears most are unwilling to do that.

From the source of Joseph Rowlands, “Morality needs no God,” comes this quote: “This assumption about religion being necessary for morality, is recognized and used as a justification for religion. When atheists provide arguments showing that religious beliefs are incorrect and illogical, a frequent response is that religion is still good because it’s needed for morality. The question of truth is dismissed as less important than the question of usefulness. If morality is a good thing, then atheist arguments fall on deaf ears. And more, the act of willful ignoring evidence or argument is performed with a sense of moral pride. This position rests on the myth that morality requires religion, and that you have to accept religion, despite any flaws or abandon morality. This justification of religion is just one more consequence of the myth.”