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Rick Stanley Is Back

postage_stamp_rick_stanleyThis evening, I got an email from Rick Stanley with an update on his current situation.  It’s good to know that he’s getting his life back on track and is recovering from the despicable injustice that the government threw upon him.

I was released from prison 18 and ½ months ago after serving 4 years and 2 months, my entire sentence served, less earned time of 1 year and 10 months.  I am back running my business which you can check out at www.stanleyfasteners.com  My wife ran it in my absence quite admirably.  Our marriage is good and stable.  My family is a bit of a mess, but I have high hopes for them.  My middle child of three Talena, who is 31, is pregnant again and happily married in Colorado.  You can see a picture of her and her husband on their wedding day in Maui last year, which I attended, on my facebook page also, along with a bunch of other interesting things, both political and fun.  I have two grandchildren ages 6 and 11, who are wonderful kids.  The rest of my family is doing well.

I am on parole still after 18 and ½ months with 7 and ½ months to go if they have properly given me my earned time.  You never know with Colorado parole officers.

Check out my facebook page.  You will discover the “Bill of Rights Protection Amendment” which I have suggested.  I hope to spread the word “quietly”, to honor my promise to my wife not to have any public activism anymore as she fears what the government will do.  In Colorado, they still have “Mandatory parole” even if you completed your sentence 100 per cent, which I did.

I discovered your page by googling Rick Stanley Activist.  I am still a libertarian minded individual, conservative you might even say.  I am certainly against the progressive liberal movement that is destroying America currently.  I have been turned into a felon for filing a pleading in two Colorado courts.  I am not allowed to own or possess guns by law.  They have stolen my rights.  Militant?  Perhaps one day… Until then, I am a peaceful man and have been all of my life.  Can an individual be backed up against the wall and fight back?  Sure.

Until then… God bless you and yours.  That is my update and I am standing by it…