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4 Police Officers Beat Down Suspect Who’d Surrendered!

KravepropagandaFour police officers Barbara Provencher, Dominique Pronovost, Marc-André St-Amant & Keven Deslauriers from Trois-Rivières,Qc,Canada have been suspended with pay over possible misconduct, CBC Radio-Canada has learned.
The suspensions follows an incident during their arrest of an individual suspected of robbery last week.

The officers had been called to a suspected robbery at a pharmacy in the Normanville district of Trois-Rivières early Friday morning.
The four officers then chased a suspect to an area near the Trois-Rivières CÉGEP.
It was what happened during the arrest that has brought the officers’ conduct into question.

Trois-Rivières city spokesman, Yvan Toutant, would not confirm what the police are suspected of doing.
He said police officials received information about the arrest which is not consistent with the police report.
According to Toutant, the officers have been suspended in the interest of transparency.
Quebec provincial police have been called to investigate.
Sureté du Quebec Sgt. Gregory Gomez del Prado would only say the force’s internal affairs division will be investigating an alleged assault.

Note: Trois-Rivières has had in the past one of the most corrupt police department in the nation:……