Fighting Back

What Is Our Government Preparing For?

from BIN

molonlaberattlesnakeMany Americans were startled to see reports on Monday that the Department of Homeland Security was purchasing 2700 armored vehicles, all of which are fully equipped with armor strong enough to withstand ballistic arms fire, mine blasts, and IEDs, and are to be used domestically. But this massive purchase of military-style vehicles is just the tip of the iceberg for several Americans who have been closely following the U.S. government’s recent activity.
In March, 2012, it was reported that the DHS was purchasing 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. It was then reported later in the year that they were purchasing 200 million rounds of .223 and .388 hollow point. They then added another 200,000 rounds in January, 2013 and 21.6 million in February.
Aside from massive ammunition purchases and rolling out domestic tanks, the government has also demonstrated its preparedness for a potential crisis by establishing “Emergency Centers.” In 2009, the 111th Congress released H.R. 645, which authorized the creation of FEMA emergency camp facilities which would house U.S. citizens during a national emergency or crisis.
Long story short,I thinkits fairly obvious.  They are prepping for civil unrest.  Maybe even ARMED civil unrest?  Otherwise why the MRAPs?  Otherwise that seems like overkill which isn’t above DHS standardsby the way.  Look at the TSA and their abusive strip searches.  They havent caught one person in 12 years but they get moreand moreevasive and abusive.

I think its going to be a Russia in World War 1 scenario for the United States.  We will be involved inWW3 at firstbut then events hereat home willmake us pull out, givingvictory to the Eurasian powers and plunging Americainto a devastating civil war…  again.