Rethinking Paradigms

The Icelandic Revolution and the New World Order

from The Rebel

crowd-repeace-nOur ruling crime families are quite flexible when it comes to making allowances for societal differences in culture, religion and mentality. They are also reasonably accommodating to individual inclinations of the local ‘elite’. However they can get quite nasty in cases where a country’s leadership openly refuses to take orders. In most cases, those countries are quickly brought back under control through a variety of measures. Blackmail, murder disguised as accidents and acts of terrorism are just the beginning. If they don’t work those countries and their leadership see themselves quickly vilified and internationally isolated as ‘rogue states’, and their economies systematically destroyed. If that doesn’t do the job either, an international coalition of countries will sooner or later rape and pillage them under some flimsy ‘humanitarian’ pretext.

One country that doesn’t seem to fit into this grim picture though is Iceland. Many observers in the dissident media scene rave about what they call the ‘Icelandic revolution’. They fret about the media blackout that won’t report how the Icelandic people have managed to free themselves from the dictate of the likes of the IMF, revive the economy and jail the banksters who almost destroyed their economy. What those writers fail to consider is why our ruling crime families allowed events to go their natural cause. Why haven’t they – as they normally would – coerced the Icelandic leadership into compliance with unsavory scandals, murder and acts of terrorism? Why haven’t they destroyed Iceland yet with H.A.A.R.P. induced earthquakes and volcano outbreaks? And why do they still invite the Icelandic prime minister to international meets such as Davos instead of portraying him in the media as the next worst thing to Iranian President Ahmadinejad?

We know that our ruling parasites like to experiment with different societal models. North Korea is a good example. Here our self-chosen rulers test how badly you can oppress a society, before they start to revolt. In places like Scandinavia they try out how the sheeple will behave if it is provided with a good life. And in Singapore they experiment how hard you can push humans to maximum performance as long as you take well care of their basic needs such as affordable housing, food, health and education. Those experiments go way beyond the usual local adjustments. They are about finding out how to get the best out of their farm animals. But why on earth would they want to run a field test to see what happens if they allow things to go their natural way?

The answer has probably something to do with the fact that our ruling crime families don’t agree on everything. Behind the scenes there is a lot of backstabbing and leaks embarrassing each other seem to be a favorite pastime. That’s why the locations and agendas of the annual Bilderberg conferences cannot be kept secret. Obviously not everyone in the ‘ruling elite’ agrees with the New World Order agenda of enslaving mankind and culling 95% of us to make room for the ‘elite’ to enjoy eternal life. They might not have the power to stop the likes of Prince Phillip and Evelyn Rothschild, but they have the means to sabotage and at least slow down their evil agenda in very effective ways.

The tightly contained hands-off experiment in Iceland – in my opinion – is intended as a stark warning to those elements within our ‘ruling elite’ and their minions who secretly sabotage the New World Order agenda. It demonstrates to them how quickly things can turn nasty for them, if they don’t play along. It’s up to us to convince them that it is in their best interest to stop the madness before it’s too late.