When All Else Fails

A Message to All Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and Sworn Law Enforcement Officers. The Truth about The ADL, SPLC and the Feds

from LSWD

amerika-logo1I know many good people in law enforcement want to do the right thing serving their communities. The truth is they are misled by the Anti Defamation league and the Southern Poverty Law Center of what the real threats really are. They have labeled Constitutionalists or any other patriot group now as the terrorist. The men in uniform who has sworn to uphold the law of the land needs to understand the nature of the radicals and the revolutionaries in these organizations. They very things they accuse people who love freedom and want to preserve our liberties  will accuse model Americans of the very things that are.

The ADL and the SPLC are the real terrorist groups trying to subvert and undermine the foundations of this great nation. They are the ones involved in slander and smear campaigns. They have vandalized their own synagogs or offices painting swastikas, then blame it on anti Semites to gain public sympathy. The ADL has been sued for  Defamation and have been found guilty for illegally spying on people. The SPLC is being sued for slander calling christian groups  “hate groups” because they are not falling in line with SPLC mantra. The ADL and the SPLC are the real hate groups using the good men in law enforcement as their useful fools. It is time for the Police and Peace officers do their own checking out the real truth behind these organizations before they believe any garbage said.

Right now we have a President in the White House who is closely associated with the weather underground. The weathermen were involved in bombings of Police Stations and FBI offices. One of President Obama’s mentors is the one and only Bill Ayers who is unrepentant of his actions being the mastermind behind the terrorist activities. The Weather underground killed Police Officers with a series of bombings nationwide. So who are the real terrorist? it is not the patriots, the veterans and the gun owners. It is the US government who now has a President who is a close friend of cop killers. The same financiers that funded the Weathermen fund the ADL and the SPLC.

There is also a history that goes back to Russia when the Bolsheviks took over. The Police officers who went along with disarming the people, rounding up dissidents for mass arrest during the Red Terror were not safe from the blood thirsty communist. When the Police officers were used for a specific purpose to establish power for the tyrants. They were executed with the peasants in unmarked mass graves. The Police officers suffered the same fate as the people when they cannot be used no more. Why were the Police officers killed. They knew too much. They knew where the bodies are buried. No one was safe. not even the Police chief. All useful fools are expendable. The ADL and the SPLC does have it roots in the Bolshevik take over being part of the same international factions that financially fund these groups for the same purpose. They will use the Police filling their heads with lies and proganda to attack the people. Once used, they will be executed with the peasants.

When these useful idiots were exterminated. They emptied out the jails and will put a murderer in as the Police chief. After a certain time, He along with his police force will be executed because they knew too much. What happened in Russia during the red terror shows what happens when people go along to get along not wanting to rock the boat. It more dangerous to go with the flow than it is to stand up to evil. Tyrannies are not even loyal to their own enforcers. Hitler was scared of his own brown-shirts that he had to deal with them harshly. Remember the movie “The night of the long knives?”

Those in law enforcement if they are county sheriffs, deputies, police officers and Chiefs. All that learning at the Police academy you were trained in to investigate us. You must use the same tools imparted to you by seasoned detectives to investigate the inside of the system. This is not an easy thing to do and it can be dangerous blowing the whistle on corruption inside the system. Officer Yakey after the OKC bombing was murdered because he got too close to the truth.

The truth is no one can serve two masters. Law Enforcement has to be on one side or the other. There is no middle of the road. The grey area is thinning and the lines are being drawn over not only over gun control. But absolute despotism coming down like a hammer. The only way the Dictator in Chief can succeed is he has the enforcers to carry it out. Now can you see a future going along with a despot? What will life be like under the thumb of control freaks insinuating on running our lives from dusk to dawn from cradle to grave? History say no good at all.

No law enforcement agency can accept money from Homeland Security and preserve the freedoms of they people they are supposed to serve.  That money comes with strings attached that violate the bill of rights. The contract they sign with DHS does demand compliance or they lose Federal grant money. This Federal funding acts as a force multiplier for the Federal government to be used for gun confiscation and round up dissidents when the time comes. Do you think because your Police Chief made a deal with the devil? If you are going to be safe going along with tyranny. Think again if your boss believes the feds. Do you think the sworn officer’s family and himself will be safe? No, the tyrants will lie and already have a fresh batch of thugs waiting in the wings to take their place once they are used to carry out an objective.

Then there is constitutional Homeland security which consist of the Militia that is the population with arms. The Sheriff and the Police chief has the authority legally to call forth the armed population to keep order and execute the laws of the sovereign state or the union which are constitutional and lawful. Now 340 county sheriffs have joined the list saying no to illegal gun confiscation. These Sheriffs have the opportunity to organize posses and be a force multiplier with the people he serves calling upon the citizens to assist in carrying out the lawful decrees to preserve freedoms in their jurisdictions from Federal incursion. This can be done without Federal money or raising taxes since the militia or posse is the armed population as a whole.

I heard on a radio show that Law Enforcement Personal when the gun grab starts after passing the latest anti gun bill or the UN Small Arms treaty is being enforced. It is said the officers families will be taken to a safe location for their protection. Do not buy that one bit at all. Back in early Soviet Russia. The Butcher Leon Trotsky held the families of police and Military hostage at the point of a gun. If the Police and Military did not carry out the immoral orders. One of the family members would be executed. The truth is once the mission was completed. The soldiers, police officers along with their families were exterminated anyway. The tyrants will lie every time. Have you heard the quote “the end justifies the means”? Here is one example where this did happen.

The local and state law enforcement have a choice. They can be the last line of defense against tyranny or they can be cannon fodder protecting the corrupt machine. They need to be skeptical when the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti Defamation League tells them that people who do mundane things or demonize an activity that has been part of our American culture is now taboo or terrorist activity like being being politically active. They ought be suspicious of the people in the ADL and the SPLC wants the police to attack thier enemies. The Law enforcement officer needs to be suspicious of these organizations who have so much to gain if the Police are not thinking and blindly believe what they are told. The Police stands to gain nothing doing the dirty work for the SPLC and the ADL attacking their enemies for them.

If a Police chief, a deputy, a constable, a city cop and the elected county sheriff thinks they are the special pet puppies because they made a deal with the FBI,DHS and the BATF. They are no more special to the feds who do the dirty work for the SPLC and the ADL. They about as special as garbage sitting on the back porch to the people in high places.

So when a police officer is bound and tied in the back of a truck and seeing a long ditch dug with bodies already lying face down. They will look back and wished they had listened to people like ,Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Mack and Jack Mclamb telling them to uphold their oaths instead of going along with the tyrants. That will be their last thoughts regretting not listening. They laughed at us when we told them. It will be no joke when they are the ones who are betrayed by the system they served. I do not want to see what happened to the 30,000 Polish officers when Stalin gave the order to execute them in Katyn Poland happen here.

We are all victims of a Jewish cabal that wants to pit the public against the Police. The ADL and the SPLC also fund people like Jesse Jackson an Al Sharpton. These men love the Police state because they create victims. If there was liberty and the Constitution was in force. These men would be out of a job. The ADL and the SPLC use these self appointed leaders to start race wars fomenting racial tension pitting the black against the white. The Hispanic against the blacks and the whites playing the divide and conquer game. One of the latest things is the public verses the Police. If a cop goes out and carries out unconstitutional orders and harms someone for no reason. The people will get enraged against the police not trusting them. That is what the ADL and the SPLC wants.

I suggest all sworn officers read the Constitution and the declaration of independence. Learn from history of the US and why we wanted to break free of the British Crown. Learn from what happened in Soviet Russia, Red China and other tyrannies. Also study what happens when the enforcers wake up and take down a despot like in East Germany when the East German Army stood down instead of attacking their own people. Learn about when the Romanian dictator Calcescue was arrested by his own troops and executed for his crimes against humanity. It is time law enforcement officers think for themselves and not be spoon fed propaganda from the ADL the SPLC, DHS, The FBI and other alphabet soup agencies. If they believe them it can be fetal either way going along with the system after being used exterminated or shot trying to round up people for arrest just for their free speech or who disagree with policy coming from government.

Those who wear the uniform who are sworn to protect and defend the constituion have a choice to make. Many will not heed our warnings. Many will and take action and stand with the people because it is the right thing to do because they want a future for their children and want to live in peace. I just pray to God those who will stand down will be more than those who will just follow illegal orders.

The time is getting near. No one in Law Enforcement are without ignorace. Just following orders will be no excuse. It did not work for the Nazi at Nuremburg, nor will it waork here when the republic is restored.