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Arsenal Buildup of Weapons by the DHS

from BIN


A lot of attention has been paid recently to the massive buildup of lethal weapons purchased by DHS and the ongoing government secrecy about the stockpile. When combined with the increasing rhetoric against anyone professing a love of independence, there is rightful concern that this weapons hoard will be turned inward upon the American “Patriot.”

And I would add that police are increasingly called upon to perform soldier duties. The militarization of police is undeniable and all but guaranteed to usher in what is highlighted in this trends report of next-gen non-lethal tech:

  • Shock Wave Generators — Originally devised by the Israelis, it can knock people down from 100 meters but if you wind up to close to the blast source … you’re dead.


  • Vortex Ring Gun — Creates a high-energy gas vortex that can be directed toward a specific target. If pepper spray is a potentially lethal chemical weapon, then this just magnifies its potential by combining the effect with nausea-inducing chemicals … all meant to linger on the target. This is also a favorite of Israeli Defense Forces, as noted in the report.


  • Mobility Denial System –Another euphemism building off of the microwave cannon concept of Active Denial System. The report cites this as the “instant banana peel.” This is a class of weapons that were invented at Southwest Research Institute, which can disperse a slippery gel onto asphalt, concrete, wood, and even grass, making movement impossible without falling down. It can also disable vehicles in a similar manner. Self-defense would seem improbable under such circumstances, leaving your fate to be determined.


  • Pulsed Energy Projectile —  Supposedly “under development” by the military. From the report: “It involves a weapon emitting an invisible laser pulse that, upon contact with the target, ablates the surface material and creates a bit of exploding plasma on the skin. This produces a pressure wave that stuns the target, knocking him down, as well as electromagnetic radiation that irritates nerve cells, causing pain.” This is a more directed,  enhanced version of the Active Denial System noted above.


  • Sticky Foam — Used in Somalia, possibility of suffocation if hit in the face.


  • The Stingball Grenade — Propels a cache of 100 tiny rubber balls in a circular pattern. The Modular Crowd Control Munition (MCCM) is the Stingball’s tightly directed big brother. It’s constructed like a Claymore mine but with 600 rubber balls inside that are sprayed out in a 45-degree arc. Even standard rubber bullets and “firearm rounds” have caused death.


  • Underwater Pulsed Sound Wave — Under development by the Navy to deter SCUBA attacks within 150 meters.


  • Next-Gen Microwave Ray Gun — Called MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio). The device being built by Sierra Nevada Corp. fires short microwave pulses that penetrate the head and rapidly heat tissue, resulting in a shockwave inside the skull.