USA: Police State

Cops Shoot Unarmed Man in Bed 16 Times

badgesA King County man was shot while sleeping in his bed 16 times by local police who invaded the house. Police declared they “felt threatened” by the man who was not the subject of a warrant or investigation. The Department of Corrections and the Kings County Sheriff’s office saw no problem with the random shooting stating it was in compliance with the law. One of the deputies involved in the shootings Detective Aaron Thompson received sustained violations for abuse of authority and poor performance. The man who was shot has no criminal record and has lost his ability to make a living due to his injuries. Apparently the officers were serving an arrest warrant on someone other than the actual victim and they did not ask the owner of the house if there were any weapons present or if a third-party resided there. The detectives involved did not work with other detectives who were present or contact a supervisor before attempting to serve the warrant that ended in the tragic shooting.

Since the incident occurred in February, the Kings County Sheriff’s office has taken steps to provide additional trainings to deputies to avoid shooting more innocent civilians in their beds.