Militant Rants

Adam Kokesh Goes Gandhi

by John Ozberkmen

AdamDCTalk show host Adam Kokesh, of Adam versus the Man, has announced his intention to lead a peaceful march of armed resisters into Washington D.C. The march to challenge unconstitutional gun laws will be held July 4, 2013. The plan is to march from Virginia across the Arlington bridge into Washington.  Adam’s announcement has been met with criticism on both sides of the gun issue.

In response to the planned march, the main stream media has attacked Adam as a Libertarian kook wanting attention.  Police chief of Washington D.C., Kathy Lanier,  has publicly threatened a swift response to anyone breaking gun laws in her city. However, even more concerning is the criticism Adam Kokesh is receiving from people supposedly on his side of the issue. Libertarian and conservative pundits have come down on Adam’s plans as reckless and poorly thought out. One liberty website has even banned any discussion of his march. As details of his event emerge, it remains to be seen whether his plans are ill-conceived.  Looking from a historical context is Adam doing the wrong thing?

While many in the freedom movement will complain all day about government overreach and abuse, none have decided to act. Mahatma Gandhi, in his attempt to liberate India argued against passive acceptance for what he called Satyagraha. Loosely translated Satyagraha is “insistence on truth.”  Gandhi argued that the fight for freedom must be brought to the oppressor so they have to show their abuse of power to the world. Gandhi would choose a law and encourage everyone to break that law. On his march to the sea to make illegal salt, Gandhi was arrested along with 80,000 of his supporters.

Dr. Martin Luther King inspired by Gandhi, used the same approach for the Civil Rights Movement.  Dr. King challenged racist laws in the south to advance his cause. No one can argue that non-violent “insistence on truth” isn’t a successful strategy. Adam’s plan to march is simply pointing out a truth. The federal government, along with many state and city governments, is violating the citizen’s natural right to bear arms. Gandhi,  Dr. Martin Luther King and now Adam Kokesh all came to the realization that the violation of a natural right must be confronted with action.

Many have argued that Mr. Kokesh’s event is too risky.  The media will use it to demonize Libertarians. Those who condemn Adam fail to admit that Libertarians are already being demonized by the media. Think of any mass shooting or bombing in the last ten years.  Before the facts come out, corporate media plants the idea that a right-wing wacko is likely responsible.

Did you watch the presidential election? What did the media do to Ron Paul?

Another claim is that the government will use this opportunity to make Libertarians look like violent extremists.  However, the federal government is already trying to demonize liberty activists and gun owners. The MIAC report, leaked in 2009,  was a federal fusion center report warning police officers to consider Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters to be as bad as terrorists. The ATF’s involvement in shipping guns to Mexico has connections all the way up to the attorney general and the White House. Our government staged Fast and Furious in order to blame the second amendment and restrict guns in America.

The final argument against Mr. Kokesh is that the freedom infowar is already successfully converting hearts and minds toward liberty. Some say there is no need to challenge the government on its abuses when the freedom movement is advancing.  Sadly, this idea creates no real challenge to the establishment as the authoritarians remain in control.  Both Gandhi and Dr. King disregarded this wait-and-hope stance.  A similar sentiment was made by Patrick Henry in his famous speech “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.”  A modernized version might read as follows:

What is it in these last ten years that gives you hope that the people in power will be turned towards liberty and justice? They’ve given us the Patriot Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, the elimination of Posse Commitatus, the TSA, Fema Camps, Fusion Centers, Clergy response teams, the Department of Homeland Security, the Utah Data Center that will monitor all electronic information for every American, the militarization of local police forces,  the NDAA which allows the President to kill anyone without a trial.  Even now, they are contracting to buy 2 billion bullets that by international law cannot be used in foreign wars but only on the American public. They are buying 7000 armed MRAP vehicles to patrol our 50 states. Conservatively 20,000 drones are planned to monitor American skies in the next few years. Obama has stated that he wants a civilian security force that is just as strong and as well-funded as our military. For what? Are the American people the enemy? Why spend all this money attacking American freedoms when no American was involved in 9/11?

We have petitioned, we have marched, we have organized politically to get a freedom candidate elected as president. At every turn we have been insulted.  Our very American belief in liberty has been demonized as possible terrorism by the corporate media and government.

Many argue that we are not ready to challenge the authoritarians that claim ownership of us.  If not now, then when? When our lives will be completely surveiled by every modern electronic and police state apparatus? When we are totally disarmed?  When we are so poor from over-taxation and a ruined economy that we have no means?  Patrick Henry makes the solution transparent, “Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?”  No!  The time to act is now!  Expose these authoritarians in government for what they are, hypocrites that claim we live in a free country while working every day to take away that freedom.

Adam Kokesh is planning to do exactly what is needed. He’s confronting the beast and making it show its true color.
Anyone who has been complaining about government overreach needs to join him. This is the freedom movement’s march to the sea to make salt.  What will you do?  Think on it and consider these two quotes:

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” – Mark Twain

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
–  Samuel Adams


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He’s not confronting anything. He’s going to take a loaded weapon and hand it over to the cops. How is that fighting for your right to bear arms? That’s not ill conceived, it is illogical. Don’t take a loaded weapon unless you intend to use it to keep it. BTW, we already know the laws in DC, so this doesn’t shine a light on those either.


ok seriously? freaken spineless people. Do you Idiots speaking out against Kokesh know what Civil Disobedience is? The whole point is to INTENTIONALLY BREAK AN UNJUST LAW!! You cry “do something, then, when someone says Ok lets make a peaceful stand, YOU SAY NO! I bet even without guns you little cowards wouldn’t join him. I see Provacateur this or that. I think thats highly unlikely In the presence of thousands of armed people, I’m thinking EVERYONE will be on their ABSOLUTE best Behavior seeing as 1 foul shot will be heard round the world and start an armed conflict… heres a bit of insight NOBODY LIKES BEING SHOT AT! Usually cops are free to do what they want, knowing nobody will resist and put them in any kind of danger, but when your faced with thousands of Armed US PATRIOTS you are gonna watch yourself! knowing if you fuck up, you die


Ghandi marched to the see to MAKE SALT. An inherently peaceful act. An ARMED MARCH is not a peaceful act. It is an act meant to intimidate. It is a veiled threat. And unfortunately, the only people who are going to feel threatened by it are the general public. DC is probably giggling with glee at the opportunity to shoot a bunch of “right-wing gun nuts”.


go adam. we will not take this oppressive rule any longer,


If you think carrying a loaded weapon is not a peaceful act you’re using the same thought process as a gun grabber…


I constantly hear right wing gun advocates complaining about the current state of America but NONE are actually willing to do anything about it. They have all turned into keyboard commandos CLAIMING that they will do “this or that” if the government comes for their guns. No they won’t They will do then what they are doing now. NOTHING. Adam Kokesh has the balls to take a stand and all the right wing gun advocates are complaining because “it will make them all look bad.” What a bunch of wussie cowards. What they need is a million man armed march… That would most likely make this government think twice. Bottom line, the vote is rigged in Washington D.C. and contacting you local or state politicians is amounting to SQUAT anymore. They are going to vote how they are going to vote PERIOD. IT HAS COME TO THE POINT WHERE AN ARMED REVOLT IS NEEDED. I encourage people to take to the rooftops (armed) on July 4th to provide cover to Adam and those who actually have the courage and fortitude to take a stand. The rest of you…Continue to cower in your home behind your keyboards claiming everybody else’s ideas are bad. Or here is an idea. COME UP WITH A BETTER IDEA, AND IF YOU SAY PEADEFUL REVOLUTION ONE MORE TIME, I’ll puke. REVOLUTIONS ARE ALWAYS HARD AND SOMEONE ALWAYS PAYS THE PRICE. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE. COWARDS.


We are officially best friends Aaron.


I’ll see you from the rooftops in Washington D.C. on July 4th, (but you won’t see me!) LOL

Adonis King

I think Gandhi would role over in his grave seeing his name used in connection with this guy and his completely dangerous idea. Just one gun going off accidentally could lead to more harm than good. Can anyone guarantee that “provocateurs” wont be present to create a “false flag” type of event that would result in undermining the whole thing??? THINK PEOPLE THINK!!! sigh ~a~


Jeez and they call the “gun nuts paranoid”.


There is such a thing as a safety on a gun. Just because they are loaded doesn’t mean the safeties have to be off. I believe if a gun goes off it won’t be an accident. The damned government might even set someone up to crash the march, and f*ck up(use their weapon) on purpose to make Adam look like an idiot. I don’t trust the government not to setup something terrible. The ONLY reason I would think it was a bad idea is possible sabotage. Though, I would still like to join them. I don’t have a gun, so I would be there, unarmed, protesting for my right to own a gun in the future, if I so choose.


I can guarantee that they WILL be present.


And provocateurs are not already demonizing Libertarians like the article states? Just keep sitting at your keyboard as Aaron mentioned. We know who you are.


Let’s say they walk with their weapons and it ends peacefully when the cops come to arrest them for breaking the law…will the get their guns back or are they confiscated permanently?

Militant Libertarian

At that point, Dennis, it wouldn’t matter because the cops would look like the bad guys for breaking up a peaceful protest regardless.


Even if you aren’t willing to march with arms why not attend with a video camera?


My plan.


Some folks will do/say anything when running for a Congressional seat.

J. Bruce Aurand

I think they should leave the real guns behind, or they will lose them… carry a rubber gun instead… painted red or red/white and blue… not illegal and would drive home the point. Getting put in jail will not help get the case to the Supreme Court any better than other solutions in the works.
The media is NOT on our side and is just waiting to exploint any mishap to our disadvantage. Raising a rucuss and being uncivil only works for LibTards because the Media is in lock step with them. Acting the fool as they do will not work for us.. only against us.


Remember DHS has some extra hollow points they may want to use for “practice”. DHS will deem the march an “armed militia” and open fire. Good luck boys!


I was on the fence about this for a while but sadly I believe that even if this event is 100% peaceful and the cops don’t intervene I’d be willing to bet that the liberal media will spin it as crazy gun owners storm D.C. and attempt to start a revolution or worse domestic terrorist attempt to capture D.C. The media is going to spin this however Obama wants and I doubt it will be in favor of law abiding gun owners.

I support what you are trying to do I just fear this tactic will backfire on all of us legal gun owners as there are many non gun owners who support the 2nd, but if this goes bad and shots are fired or someone is hurt or God forbid killed Obama will be on every single T.V. station telling the American public that these guys are terrorist and this is why we need much stricter gun control in this country to prevent an armed mob like this ever again. Unless you can get 10K people committed and involved I would make it unarmed. They are more likely to arrest several hundred people as opposed to 10k.

Which ever way you guys go I do respect your decision and wish you the best of luck and it has the desired outcome perhaps you could even get some pro 2nd officials to march with you sure would make a difference.


When we get up on the buildings to “cover” the protesters, who do we shoot? American Police Officers? American National Guard Troops? The American Trash Truck Drivers?


I agree that we need a 1million man March. They can’t realisticallly stop that large a group. Not everyone has to be armed; what a mess trying to figure out who is illegal. I plan on carrying a wooden rifle.

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