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Adam vs Everyone Else and a March on DC

155524_613172011344_8270383_nOver the past week or so, I have seen a lot of talk about Adam Kokesh and his planned march on Washington, DC on Independence Day. Almost without fail, the negatives have taken one of two approaches at attacking the idea: they’ve either attacked Kokesh himself to find whatever they can find to discredit him (not to be unexpected in SOME circles) or they’ve outright said that the march will result in nothing but slaughter and mayhem, destroying the “good name” of the liberty movement.

I have two things to say to this: first, if your only means of attacking the march is to attempt to discredit Kokesh in whatever way possible, not only are you aiming for the wrong target (the march isn’t about Adam), but you’re basically outing yourself as someone who would prefer to do the regime’s work for them by attacking anyone who goes against it. Second, if you’re only worry is about the day of the march itself, and how it will pan out, you’re also missing the entire point.

Kokesh planned this march more than two months in advance. In the couple of weeks since it became public, he’s garnered more attention and more interest than anyone save perhaps Ron Paul towards the cause of liberty and has probably done more to get people talking about the police state (i.e. “Marching on D.C. with guns is ILLEGAL! gasp!”) than anyone else in recent memory. THAT, friends, is the point. It’s not about the march itself. It could be called off on the day of the event because the cops line the streets with weapons bared and still accomplish its stated goal without a single bullet or boot stomp. It’s about waking people up to the fact that we cannot act as free people, cannot peaceably assemble under the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution, and cannot walk into this nation’s seat of power, where supposedly We the People are in charge, unless we submit to the slavish rules they have dictated.


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Jerry Briggs

Agree with everything said.This hopefully wakes people up from their deep slumber.


Yes…this kind of knowledge is important for We the People to cognitively recognize. It’s integral to our Freedom & Liberty. In this aspect indeed a plus is the result of this proposed march on DC. However, we must be aware of all parts of the equation…as there are some very obvious negatives that could possibly occur due to this march as well.

So keeping the above in mind I wrote the following below idea regarding this proposed march (slightly modified in this presentation). My intent is to protect my fellow patriot from what I believe is an unnecessary risk since though the current law is unconstitutional and therefor not a true law…currently it is being held as it is a true law. Yes this move can help address this…but we must be SMART about how we do that. This could affect all Constitutional Patriots. My suggestion is as follows and should be taken as a possible alternative at the very least if the march is ended immediately at the bridge into DC.
My professional opinion (Former special forces, Navy SEAL here) is the following.
Though I support the idea of what this message would be trying to convey, the going about it is incorrect, imho.
I would like to suggest (and I hope this propagates) to initially within the cemetery that they originate from (where it is legal to be openly armed) they all muster locked & loaded. Then follow the following initiative order…
1. Muster.
2. Formation of unorganized militia in marching ranks & units. Officer’s at appointed positions. (IMHO…highest ranking officer should lead march as March Commander who most likely wouldn’t be Adam.)
3. March to border of lawful carry.
4. There stop disarm & exchange for proxy weapon/item. Becoming Lawful while marching through the unconstitutional territory. (Officers are entrusted to properly report to March Commander that their men are Lawful.)
5. Detach a small unit to guard the real firearms being forced behind due to unlawful laws passed by criminals of the past & present who have reached high positions within our Government. Unlawful laws that prevent our God given right to bear arms in Washington D.C. The “capital” of our great Nation.
6. Proceed with the planned march and return to detachment.
7. Once safely back to detachment, rearm and finish the Event.
8. Mission complete with little chance of violence or the risk of being charged with a felony which ironically would take the participant’s gun rights away.

God Bless America & the Patriots willing to water the Tree of Liberty.

Militant Libertarian

Noting “takes rights away.” They can only suppress them through threat of violence or with actual violence.

Your idea is nice and safe, but removes the point. The point being that LAWFULLY ARMED CITIZENS are NOT ALLOWED in the capital of the “FREEST NATION ON EARTH.” This, of course, assuming that the march takes place at all or even needs to take place.

Everyone who participates should be fully cognizant of what they risk by doing so. If they are fully appraised (which, at this point, they should be), they are free to participate or not at their own discretion. That’s what liberty and voluntaryism are all about. If they do accept the possible (even probable) consequences, it’s to their credit that they’re willing to risk all of that in order to make this important point.

The men of Lexington were breaking the law when they stood up to the British, began to back away, and then were forced into a firefight (according to one version of events). The men of Concord were also acting of their own free will, breaking the law, when they attacked the Redcoats. Samuel Adams and John Hancock, the only two founders whom the British ever issued arrest warrants for, were breaking the law when they snuck out and escaped from the soldiers. The Tea Party Patriots were breaking the law when they threw the East India Tea into the harbor.

Our nation was founded on people breaking laws – usually tax and gun confiscation – deliberately. The first major insurrection, though quelled, was a bunch of whiskey runners breaking tax laws. There’s a reason why “the bad guy” in American films is so often actually the good guy. We virtually invented the idea of the outlaw being in the right.


The Battle of Athens is a great example of what you are talking about, Militant Libertarian. There is a time & need to disregard the law (especially if it’s unconstitutional) but timing also plays a important role.

I believe once they are turned back at the bridge (if not worse) if the group were to follow my suggestion then this march would still take place and it would be that “shot across the bow” of the tyrannical government that we are trying to state. It would be We the People putting our foot down, drawing the line in the sand and putting this criminal government on notice that if we must come back…then we’ll come 1-3 million strong and we will not disarm at the border of the unfriendly to the American dream land of Washington DC.

At the very least this suggestion, imho should be perhaps a contingency plan.

Again…times have changed since the 1700-2000’s…and the world we have today is FAR different with the ability to disseminate information so quickly. Seriously…the amount of people aware of what the NWO is doing has jumped dramatically since the advent of the internet.

Hillary herself (one of the “elite”) said it herself that “they” are losing the information war. As this awakening wave continues we will eventually reach a point where we will wash these brilliant psychopaths off the stage they have been on for so long now.

We must end the secrecy and the “play ball with us or we will destroy you” kind of world we live in. Seriously…anyone who thinks Obummer is the mastermind behind what’s been going on has GOT to do some personal research.

So I respectfully disagree and hope that if this planned march goes down then the softer side of the variables play out. I still have belief that we can end this thing w/out having to do an armed revolt…that we can use our judicial system to prevent bloodshed. First we must clean that system of the “agents” who have been placed there by the secret societies who run so much from behind the scenes.

We must End the non-Federal Reserve that’s privately owned by the…you guessed it…the SAME people! We MUST take back our money supply (they key on how they have so much control over us) & stop paying the interest (with the hidden inflation) that’s been sucking the very blood, sweat, tears and hopes of the American People! We have the RIGHT to coin our own money! WTF…people! Take that key back!

God Bless.



Brent McCulloch

Nailed it! Good article.

George Donnelly

Well-said! Great work. I’m enjoying all these revelations of true colors that are taking place. It’s like everyone got a dose of truth serum. I can really see who my allies are, how many of them there are and who the hypocrites really are. Kudos to Adam, as always. I support him, even if he doesn’t understand what satyagraha is.

Militant Libertarian

A gun is just a walking stick until its trigger is pulled. A peaceful march carrying pocket knives, swords, rifles, or anything else is still a peaceful march.

Jeff 4 Justice

Regarding Adam Kokesh’s #OpenCarry130704 civil disobedience march from Virginia to D.C.:

There’s no right or wrong way to be an activist. It’s all subjective. Just do something.

In all “movements” (woman’s rights, civil rights, LGBT equality, marijuana legalization, Tea Party, Occupy) there’s always debates about what to do, when to do it, and how people should carry themselves.

As a gay activist, I learned I could never make everyone happy so I stopped trying. For some I was too aggressive. To others I was not aggressive enough. And with the failure of the No on 8 campaign in CA, I saw how getting too preoccupied with “focus group testing” made people lose sight of common sense and good ol’ fashioned bravery.

“Movement” infighting will always happen. It even happens in everyday groups like churches, kids sports teams, and other types of groups too. And this will always scare away the most timid – after all, human nature is to avoid confrontation. Fearful people are usually more contagious than brave people. But we know that we never need a majority. We just need a pissed-off-enough minority.

Just trust your instinct and do what you think is best. And remember, you won’t make everyone happy. Likewise, you can’t over-worry or try to control what others do too.

Jeff 4 Justice

YouTube search: Adam Kokesh In-Depth Interview By Jeff 4 Justice

Lady Veteran

Adam Kokesh may be the “Samuel Adams” of our time.

We are in desperate need of a “Firebrand” for the Constitution, someone who’s willing to step up and take the risk of forcing them to make the first move. And by doing so, proving everything… that we are already a police state.

After Boston, that should be undisputable to any rationally thinking person.

Militant Libertarian

Just wanted to say “thanks” to everyone for all the great comments. The latest on this “Militant Rants” thread is actually an interview some friends of mine at did with Adam on their podcast.

It’s a great interview and well worth the listen.


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