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Instead of Expanding Arlington National Cemetery, Why Don’t We Stop Producing Corpses?

Advocates of military spending often push for increases to keep pace with gross domestic product—should Arlington be the same?

from Alternet

arlingtoncemeteryAn NPR story on Monday carried this headline: “Expansion Plans At Arlington National Cemetery Cause Environmental Concerns.”  Only environmental concerns?  Are there any other concerns that anyone can think of?  I mean if, for example, “All Things” were going to be “Considered,” would there be any other things worth considering?

U.S. troop deaths were 0.3 percent of the deaths in the most recent attack on Iraq.  Most of those U.S. dead (and none of the non-U.S. dead) end up in Arlington.  Some end up in other cemeteries.  Some are never recovered.  Some are unceremoniously dumped in  land fills.  And yet the cemetery is running out of room even for  cremated corpses.

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