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FUDC Adam Kokesh Interview

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fudcFran and John in the studio, and Adam Kokesh on the phone.

Adam Kokesh Interview

Adam Kokesh is an American libertarian anti-war activist, podcaster, military veteran,
He has hosted a talk radio show, and a brief television stint on RT.
Kokesh served as a corporal in the United States Marine Corps and is a veteran of the Iraq War.

In 2007, he became a member and leading proponent of “Iraq Veterans Against the War”.

Adam is not simply a news reporter… he is a news maker, having led a number of controversial anti war rallies and acts of civil disobedience…

but NOTHING as controversial as his plans to lead an armed march on Washington DC on Independence day.
This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny.

We are marching to mark the high water mark of government & to turn the tide.

*** This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent. Should we meet physical resistance, we will peacefully turn back, … having shown that free people are not welcome in Washington, & return with the resolve that the politicians, bureaucrats, & enforcers of the federal government will not be welcome in the land of the free.

There are only two ways this goes down.
1) Obama issues an order to the DC Chief of Police who has pledged to violate the Constitution and we execute our plan with a police escort.

2) We are not allowed to enter the District and will halt the formation well before the line at which point, with the whole world watching, we will declare the federal government illegitimate, and peacefully disperse.

I much prefer option one, and the more people we have on board, the more likely it is to happen. So share this page and spread the word! It looks like

we’re on track to clear 10k RSVPs well before the target of June 1.

The more people think about this idea, the more they realize their fears are motivations, and their uneasiness turns to resolve. But let’s not stop at 10k. Let’s get 100k signed up so that Obama himself cannot ignore us! Who knows, maybe by Independence Day, we’ll have a million people standing with us to declare that the federal government has no authority over free people when free people are not allowed in the nation’s capitol!
This event is civil disobedience because we will be violating and/or attempting to violate various regulations that have been used to curtail  freedom of speech and freedom of self-defense, however, this is in response to the DC Police refusing to follow the law of the Constitution. They have been in violation of court order and the law by continuing to enforce statures that have been ruled unconstitutional. This is one in a long train of abuses, but a government that cannot be trusted to follow its own rules cannot be trusted, and we cannot allow this lawlessness to continue. We must stop this criminal government!
You are welcome and highly encouraged to attend unarmed as a supporter, or armed with a recording device. Please RSVP in the affirmative (“Going”) if you plan to attend as a witness. If there are any active duty military or law enforcement who would like to honor their oath to the Constitution by supporting this march, please contact: We especially invite law enforcement officers to stand with us armed however they feel is appropriate.



Dale Williams is a libertarian talk show host in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is known for his no-holds-barred radio presence and ability to go past the mainstream pundits and cut to the heart of the subject, whether he's talking to a local man on the street or international figures like Paul Craig Roberts or Gerald Celente. Dale is an expert in self-defense firearms, military hardware, and has a background in numismatics and as a body guard.

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