Charges against Adam Kokesh released

Posted: May 20th, 2013 by Militant Libertarian

Adam Kokesh, who was arrested during a peaceful protest against federal drug policies in Philadelphia, has been formally charged with felony assault on a federal officer (18 USC 11).  According to, which has also posted copies of the complaint against Kokesh, the hearing today did not set bail and Kokesh was not released, but will have another hearing Thursday which could result in either bail being set or a release pending court proceedings.



UPDATE: I was on the podcast today talking about this as it broke. You can listen to that here.


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  1. […] UPDATE: an update to this story has been posted at this link. […]

  2. For every Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, and Chuck Baldwin…

    For every Constitution, Green, Occupy, Tea-Party Protester…

    There are THOUSANDS watching…

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