Netanyahu’s Facebook Page Replete With Racism, Islamophobia

Posted: June 5th, 2013 by Militant Libertarian

from Loonwatch

Bibi Netanyahu is the son of a noted Jewish historian.  But unfortunately, neither the lessons nor substance of Jewish history has rubbed off on him (the son).  He published today an execrable screed denouncing the Syrian people as blood-swilling heathen.  It is beyond offensive.


But the racism and Islamophobia, while disgusting, doesn’t plumb the depths of this posting.  Not content to denounce the supposed barbarity of Syrian Muslims, he contrasts it with the supposed civility and stability of the State of Israel.

No, Bibi says, we will never be like them.  We will never kill each other in the thousands.  We will never be uncivilized brutes like our fratricidal Muslim neighbors.  We will be a light unto the nations.  A villa in the jungle, to quote Ehud Barak’s inimitable phrase.

Except that it’s all a crock.  Jewish history is replete with fratricide.  It begins in the first pages of Genesis when Cain kills Abel.   In the Book of Judges, the Tribes of Gilead and Ephraim engage in a civil war in which the text says over 40,000 were slain.  Then there was a civil war between the Tribes of Benjamin and Israel in which 25,000 Benjaminites were slaughtered.  The story of Hanukah is about another bit of fratricide in which the Maccabees led by Mattathias, overthrew the Jewish Hellenists and High Priests with blood and slaughter.  This led to the Hasmonean Dynasty, a particularly nasty and corrupt bunch whose fate didn’t end well.

During the Roman siege of Jerusalem, the Sicarii targeted those deemed traitors, for execution.  They roamed through the crowds on the grounds of the Temple, whipped out their dreaded knives and made off with the life of yet another victim.

That brings us to the modern age.  Modern Zionism has also brought fratricidal carnage.

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