Rethinking Paradigms

A Bomb Went Off

from Gonzo Times

explosionA bomb went off. Bombs actually, the plural, there were two of them, multiple blasts. This means war, of course, another one where we will create tomorrow’s bombers and arsonists, terrorists for the next generation. This war will cover even more ground than the last one, truly a blanket generalization of all things not us, terror, engineered xenophobia.Or maybe this war will be engineered against the citizens themselves, a sort of Cold-Civil War.  Between the TV, the internet, our cell phones, all live feeds are flooded.

Because of this interconnectedness, this “globalization”, the whole world gets to feel the reverberation of the bomb blasts. Events like this cause a shift in the cultural consciousness; it is an almost visible movement away from before, in this case before the bomb, to after. The same phenomenon can be observed with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 9/11, it happens quicker now though; the pace has shifted with our consciousness. Because of this “globalization, the power of words and images in succession, the illusions of control, many more people can be affected by just one big event, just another way technology has made our lives cleaner and more efficient.

The shift.

Hear that plane turning just a little too quick, engine sounds rising to sharpness rather than the dull roar of just another aircraft. Our eyes shift up, we don’t hide under our desks anymore when there’s a threat because we know it all now, know that if the bomb went off, if the plane hit, if the gun fired, that it wouldn’t really matter. We are the New Cold War Kids, and our paranoia is deeper and darker than that of the last.  We understand now the implications of real life destruction. We understand that we no longer have all those other governments to fear but our own as well.

Things like this happen in Afghanistan and Iraq, places like Syria, every day. Some fire chief in Boston says something about only seeing things like this in the middle of a war. THIS IS A FUCKING WAR! It just doesn’t happen at home, only through the safe distance of our T.V. screens, our cell phone screen, our computer screens.  We get the American version of war, like popcorn and watching the televised initial invasion and bombing of Baghdad way back when. Remember that? Of course you do. Just like we got to watch live as Saddam Hussein was hung from his neck until death, fantastic, justice has been served.

We have lost three innocent lives today. But thousands more innocent people will pay for these deaths with their own lives.  Another eleven year war, hell let’s make it fifteen.  No one has taken responsibility yet and no one has been blamed, but I rest knowing that whoever it ends up being, or whoever ends up getting framed, there will be retaliation. A violent backlash. The live feeds light up with phrases like someone must pay for this. We recall Bush’s ground zero speech; Obama gives a speech looking like a soul empty political cynic.

The shift.

We are the New Cold War Kids, our fear is deeper, our anger is deeper, and our paranoia is stronger. We understand the implications of this. We understand, or we think we do, with pupils dialed black and faces awash in blue computer light from our tvs, our computers, our cell phones.