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My Top 5 Reasons To Oppose NSA Utah

by A. True Ott, PhD

fu-internet1. WAR. On March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry forcefully declared: “Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace, but there is no Peace. The WAR is actually begun!” It is often very difficult for humans to separate WAR from the daily BATTLES against evil that everyone fights. Make no mistake, however, this planet has been immersed in WW III since the mid-1950’s. It is an ongoing “Quiet War” fought with “Silent Weapons” – but you MUST realize it is a WAR nevertheless. (Download documentation at

2. SUBMISSION. In his speech, Henry also declared these words concerning the steady build-up of British armed mercenaries, guns, cannon, and powder from 1772-1775: “These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? — They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other.” Likewise, do you REALLY believe that this monstrous and intrusive NSA “martial array” with its massive YOTTABYTES of computing power has been engineered, designed, and constructed solely to track a couple thousand “Al-Quaeda” operatives and “terrorists”??

3. BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. The primary reason for the American Revolutionary War was the fact that the colonists had been subjected to unreasonable, authoritarian “searches” and therein the deprivation of the basic human right of privacy for well over a decade. The foundational basis for a human beings’ pursuit of “Life, Liberty, and Happiness” is of necessity the twin pillars of privacy and security. Conversely, unwarranted intrusion and surveillance of innocent people has forever been the primary hallmark of the despot!

4. QUANTUM COMPUTING. The next phase of “Data Analysis” after each and every human being on the planet has been successfully profiled and catalogued in the NSA “Global Data Banks”, is simply a practice known as “bio-sociology” or the molding of the global “elites” long-awaited Utopian Society. This is where “Quantum Computing” will be employed, for that is where it shines. It is the ultimate form of “Artificial Intelligence”. It is not human, it has no conscience, no morality and exhibits no emotion! It is actually inter-dimensional in nature and scope. It answers questions to complex problems in a similar fashion as a Oiuja Board, only without the “spindle”.

5. ENCRYPTED CODES OBSOLETE. Quantum Computers are specifically designed to crack even the most sophisticated “encryption codes” on the planet. This means if the NSA cartel criminals desire it, they can see/alter your medical records, your tax records, your bank accounts, and even computer voting booths. That’s bad enough, but what about the MOST secure “encryption codes” on Planet Earth – THE NUCLEAR LAUNCH CODES?? What price would YOUR government pay for high-stakes NUCLEAR blackmail??

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                                                                     Legal and Moral Basis for N.S.A. Center Protest
By A.True Ott, PhD.

     It’s called the “Bill of Rights” – and it is the very foundation of American FREEDOM.  Our Military personnel as well as every elected “civil servant” takes a solemn oath first and foremost to “Support and Defend the Constitution (e.g. The Bill of Rights) from ALL ENEMIES – both foreign and domestic – and to bear TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE to the same”.  The NSA UTAH DATA COLLECTION CENTER is clearly an ENEMY of the Bill of Rights, and thus is the legal and moral basis for organized peaceful protest against it.



Amendment IV of the U.S. Constitution guarantees American Citizens’ protection against “unreasonable searches”, specifically requiring that any and all “searches” MUST bejudicially sanctioned by a duly appointed judge via a signed WARRANT.   ABOVE ALL, any and all judicially warranted “searches” must be supported by PROBABLE CAUSE.   Recent affidavits supplied by whistle blowers such as Edward Snowden conclusively prove the NSA has repeatedly ignored the provisions of Amendment IV, and is massively engaged in the BUSINESS of not only conducting unreasonable searches including warrantless phone taps, and e-mail interceptions, but is also engaged in said illegal searches in order to profile and wrongfully monitor American citizens whose only infraction is that they seekto
“support and defend” the Constitution.  Sadly, sinister forces operating in the federal bureaucracy label such individuals as “domestic terrorists” without any due process of law.



     Beginning in the year 1750, the tax agents of King George possessed virtually unlimited power to search colonial homes for anything at any time, and with zero honestoversight.  By the year 1756, the colony of Massachusetts enacted legislation that barred the use of such general searches and clear invasion of privacy.  Unfortunately, King George and his agents refused to recognize such “colonial” legislation as non-binding.  In mid-January 1761, a group of over 50 merchants represented by James Otis, petitioned the official British court to conduct hearings on the issue. During the five hour hearing on February 23, 1761, Otis vehemently denounced British colonial policies, including their sanction of “general searches”. John Adams, who was present in the courtroom when Otis spoke, viewed these events as “the spark of which originated the American Revolution.”  The British court ruled against Otis, and the “general searches” continued unabated, eventually culminating in a formal Declaration of Independence and of course, armed conflict.



     The basis of the 4th Amendment is simply the declaration by the Framers of the Constitution:  “Every citizen has a right to be secure from all unreasonable searches, and seizures of his person, his houses, his papers, and all his possessions.”   Furthermore, in1961 in the case of Silverman vs. the United States, the Supreme Court ruled as follows: “At the very core of the Fourth Amendment is the right of a man to retreat into his own home and there be free from unreasonable governmental intrusion.”

   In Katz vs. United States(1967), the Supreme Court expanded that focus to embrace an individual’s right to privacy and ruled that an unreasonable search had occurred when the government covertly wiretapped a public telephone booth using a microphone attached to the outside of the glass. While there was no physical intrusion into the booth, the Court reasoned that: 1) Katz, by entering the booth and shutting the door behind him, had exhibited his expectation that “the words he utters into the mouthpiece will not be broadcast to the world”; and, 2) society believes that his expectation was reasonable.   His reasonable expectation of privacy thus provided the basis to rule that the government’s intrusion, be it electronic or physical, was an ILLEGAL, unreasonable search.

     This was later developed into the now commonly-used two prong test, adopted inSmith V. Maryland (1979) to determine that there is a right of privacy in a given circumstance when: 1. a person “has exhibited an actual (subjective) “expectation of privacy”; and 2. society is prepared to recognize that this expectation is (objectively) reasonable.

     Clearly, using a private cellphone, and sending private e-mails exhibit a society-wide “expectation of privacy” – so NSA warrantless tapping and monitoring of the same are illegal searches and must be abolished! If abolished, is there any need for the NSA Center?



     When the NSA exhibits such blatant and immoral disregard for basic human rights, one has to ask: what is their true agenda?  What are the implications of Quantum Computing and the potential risks involved with deploying a massive, new generation of Artificial Intelligence?  Is there a very real risk of the Servant Computer becoming the MasterController of Humanity – void of all emotion and morality as to “right and wrong”?   Moreover, why does it appear to be an act of “domestic terrorism” to even ask such questions, much less to demand a forthright and transparent answer??

     In the words of John Fitgerald Kennedy:  “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.”

     The very fact that billions of tax dollars have been spent to build the NSA “secret proceedings” center to operate in the shadows while conducting untold illegal “searches”,  is indeed highly repugnant to our “Free and Open Society” called America.   What’s next – illegal and immoral “Seizures” placing freedom-loving Americans in high-security gulags??   Once erosions of this sort begin, the dam break towards totalitarianism is imminent.