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Benghazi, the Muslim Brotherhood Connection & The Libyan Intelligence Report – Do Not Be Deceived. You Are Being Played

from CFP

imagesAbout two weeks ago new information came out that claimed the Muslim Brotherhood and recently deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi were involved in the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The new information, a Libyan Intelligence document, was reportedly prepared by Mahmoud Ibrahim Sharif, Director of National Security for Libya, and was addressed to the nation’s Minister of Interior. The Obama administration did not release the report. Neither did the various Republican Committees who are investigating Benghazi. It became public in the West thanks to prolific author, Middle East and Islam expert, Raymond Ibrahim. Ibrahim reported the intelligence document came from Arabic websites, and was leaked to the Kuwaiti paper, Al Ra’i. It has since been authenticated by the Libyan government’s chief of the Department of Security in Tripoli.

As Ibrahim wrote:

“[The Libyan intelligence document] discusses the preliminary findings of the [Benghazi] investigation, specifically concerning an “Egyptian cell” which was involved in the consulate attack.” Based on confessions derived from some of those arrested at the scene” six people, “all of them Egyptians” from the jihad group Ansar al-Sharia (“Supporters of Islamic Law), were arrested.

According to the report, during interrogations, these Egyptian jihadi cell members “confessed to very serious and important information concerning the financial sources of the group and the planners of the event and the storming and burning of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi… And among the more prominent figures whose names were mentioned by cell members during confessions were: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi; preacher Safwat Hegazi; Saudi businessman Mansour Kadasa, owner of the satellite station, Al-Nas; Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Hassan; former presidential candidate, Hazim Salih Abu Isma’il…”

Here’s the kicker. According to a translation of the entire Libyan Intelligence report provided by Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and author of numerous books including, Why I left Jihad: The Root of Terrorism and the Return of Radical Islam, and Why We Want to Kill You: The Jihadist Mindset and How to Defeat it, the report stated: “In addition, there was extremely crucial information as to the financial sources of this group and the planners and executers of the operation which carried out the breaking and entering of the American Consulate in Benghazi and killing all occupants including the desecration of their bodies in revenge for the film which was produced by the Crusaders who produced the film that insults the Messenger Peace and Prayers be upon Him (emphasis mine).” See the entire translation at the end.

Oh, the anti-Muslim film, the infamous YouTube video surfaces again. This is disinformation on several levels.

Why? Because the Libyan Intelligence report, dated September 15, 2012, four days after the Benghazi attack, backs up the false claim that a YouTube video—an anti-Muslim film was the cause of the Benghazi attack—the same lie that the Obama administration, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former United Nation Ambassador Susan Rice, White House spokesman Jay Carney and then Central Intelligence Director David Petraeus told the world. Since then it has been revealed that the Obama administration knew within two hours that the Islamist militia group Ansar al-Sharia took credit for the attack and declined life-saving requests to help Americans in peril.

Blaming the film that corroborates the Obama-Clinton regime’s false Benghazi narrative is your first tip that this Libyan Intelligence document was apparently written as damage control and disinformation for the Obama administration or the Libyan officials were duped. Calling the “consulate” that wasn’t a consulate but a CIA outpost is another clue.

This intelligence document also provides cover for the administration’s gunrunning and arms smuggling from Libya through Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan into Syria to remove Syrian President Assad, next stop Iran, which is what Benghazi was really about. Most importantly it helps to conceal who was truly behind the attack—Iran. As previously reported, Ansar al Sharia according to Saudi intelligence, is backed, funded and directed by Iran. They are enemies of the Saudis and are trained by Iran’s Quods forces. Obviously the Iranian regime has no intentions of being ousted next in Obama’s Arab Spring misadventures like occurred with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Libyan President Col. Muammar Gaddafi which is why Iranian soldiers and Hezbollah are fighting for Assad in Syria.

This is also why that despite the Obama administration’s promises that justice would be served—no one has been held accountable for the murder of four Americans.

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