15 Ways the World Will Change Once the “Great Boom” Hits

Posted: August 31st, 2013 by Militant Libertarian

by Paul Rosenberg, FreemansPerspective.com

goldenageThe great golden age is upon us. We haven’t seen it because we’ve been looking at the wrong things and in the wrong directions.

Regardless, it is here. It has been building for some time and it is ready to break out. And it will break out as soon as enough of us start acting in support of the golden age, rather than accepting its delay.

Yes, I know that it doesn’t remotely seem like a golden age is here. We have overwhelming bills, we are working more hours than we can really handle, and we are stressed to the point of illness. Please place this thought aside for a moment; I will explain it below. Before that, I want to give you an idea of what the golden age will be like. It is important for us to look ahead, so we can see where we are going and to make some sense of the current situation.

As I worked on this issue, an old passage from the book of Isaiah kept leaping to mind; it beautifully describes the arrival of a golden age. Here’s the part that relates to us now:

Go through the gates, prepare the way of the people. Cast up, cast up a highway, gather out the stones, lift up a standard for the people.

Regardless of who Isaiah had in mind, this is an excellent summation of what we must do to set our golden age free. So, let’s step outside of the gates – outside of the city – outside of the televised script – and take a fresh look at what lies before us.

The Great Boom

What lies before us is an economic boom beyond anything we’ve ever experienced. Please understand, this is not the usual idealistic scenario of happy miracles leaping up once we all start living the “right way.” Everything below is based upon factors that already exist.

This is not “could be.” This is “already here and needs to be released.”

The following list is based upon a very clean scenario: the failure of existing economic and ruling structures in the West, followed by individuals reorganizing on their own. In real life, the changeover will be an uglier process than is depicted here, but it is important to start with as clear a set of images as possible. It’s hard enough to depict the future, without making it complicated.

So, the great boom begins with a collapse of existing systems, similar to the end of Soviet domination in Eastern Europe. Once released, we would begin to encounter these things:

This energy boom will affect far more than just oil and gas; it will make nearly every other product cheaper and therefore more abundant. In addition, it will deprive many of the world’s biggest trouble-makers of easy money from gas and oil. All those billions of petrol-dollars will be transferred to the hands of individuals and private businesses… who have a long track record of behaving much, much better than oil-rich dictators.

If you need crucial services, you will always have to pay the higher rates, but the man who merely needs a filling replaced shouldn’t be forced to pay for a dental surgeon. And the dental surgeon should be able to work his way through school by filling cavities. These changes will not only provide better value, but will open good jobs to many more people. Those who go on to the tops of their fields will still be well-paid and reputation agencies will form to provide the necessary assurances of safety.

Not all will be sweetness and light, however. There will be problems. These problems will be minor compared to the overall benefit, and fairly easily solved, but they will show up.

The first problem area is replacements for “old system” services: roads, firemen, policing. The hardest of these, surprisingly, will be roads. The solution involves nothing more than finding a way to pay the same people who fix the roads now (who will be glad for the work and won’t have to bribe politicians), but people will probably ignore the problem until the roads start to fall apart. Then, in desperation, they’ll cooperate and get them fixed. Insurance companies will probably handle the fire department reorganization. There is plenty of private police protection already, so this will barely be a problem. Projections suggest $30 per month, per house or business, as a base cost level. That’s not much, especially considering that taxes and enforced fees will be absent.

Long-standing problems pertaining to waterways and pollution will remain, but should be no worse under the new arrangements than under the old. The common law, which will endure, dealt with such issues back to medieval times and will continue to do so.

Epidemics sound like a scary problem, but, modern medicine being what it is, this is unlikely. Problems may emerge in a few scattered places and times, but they will exist mostly in the fear-based media.

Mafia groups and street gangs will remain a problem, but less so: there will be no easy profits from drugs and no protection to buy from politicians.

The abandoned elderly, the insane and other sad cases have always been with us, and will continue to be. Charity will increase and these problems will be handled better than they are now, but we should expect a few tragic stories. They, too, are part of the human experience.

Probably the biggest problem will be future shock. Like people emerging from darkened caves into the sun, it will take time for many of us to adjust. Taking responsibility for your own destiny can be frightening. We may have to face the reality of genetic engineering and perhaps near-immortality. There will be great nostalgia for being held in place as part of a larger entity.

In short, we’ll be forced to grow up, and that can be terrifying.

But wouldn’t the results be worth it?

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By Paul Rosenberg, FreemansPerspective.com


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