Fighting Back

Men Defend Themselves Against Aggressive Cops, Charges Dropped

from FilmingCops

copthebatter1Tywonn Mitchell, 20, and his older brother Naybon Moore, 26, were driving to a restaurant back in May when suddenly, they say, Detroit police officers began profiling them and following them. They had done nothing wrong and have no criminal record.

The cops tailed them all the way to the restaurant, actually followed them inside, and then asked for their IDs.

As you can see in the video, the brothers did not show their IDs and asked what they had done wrong. The cops, apparently, didn’t anticipate dealing with Americans who know their rights.The brothers are both educated — one of them majored in Criminal Justice and the other majored in Law.

That’s when one of the cops got physical and pushed Naybon. It looks like these cops were out to pick a fight just for fun.

By natural instinct the men began defending themselves.

Because the attackers were wearing special costumes and were part of a gang that calls itself “government,” the brothers were charged with “assault” and faced a maximum of 12 years in prison. All this because they had a natural instinct to defend themselves against violent aggression.

Fortunately the video footage captured what really happened. About a week after the footage aired, the prosecutors dropped the charges against the brothers.

Mitchell said in a Fox 2 interview, “I forgive them and I don’t hold any grudges for them. I hope they learned their lesson.”