No Charges Against Chicago Cop Who Drank Several Beers Before Shooting Unarmed Man In Back

Posted: December 29th, 2013 by FreeWestRadio

CT  MET-AJ-1-CHICAGO-COP-1106Cook County prosecutors spent two years conducting an “exhaustive” investigation on a Chicago police officer who drank several before beers before shooting a man to death after the man pointed a cell phone at him.

Yet not once during those two years did prosecutors speak to officer Gildardo Sierra, who had shot two other men in the six months prior to the 2011 shooting, including one fatally.

The shooting, which was caught on a dash cam video, was enough for Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy to acknowledge that allowing Sierra back on the streets after the first two incidents was a mistake.

The gay has issues.  I did a story earlier about a offduty cop shooting a KC firefighter to death at his wedding reception.  He too claimed he was in fear for his life.   So I would bet he won’t see any charges either.  Unbelievable the power the police have these days.  To serve and protect is no longer their mantra.  It’s to bash and kill.  I read and see too many of these stories every single day to not think there are any good cops out there at all.  I know of one.  She’s a university cop and is unarmed.

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