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Why Is Our Government (and Deep State) So Incompetent?


1467180_426252637474560_1246531840_nWhy is our government so incompetent? Short answer: because incompetence has been fully institutionalized in every branch, every agency and every nook and cranny of the state.

Though many may reckon the U.S. government (and its Deep State) are not so much incompetent as merely evil, I suggest incompetence sows the seeds of evil consequences.

It’s easy to lay the responsibility for the state’s incompetence on its staggering size and complexity, and there is much truth in the notion that no system of this scale and complexity can possibly be governable or accountable.

But I think we owe it to ourselves to dig a bit deeper than this to understand why our visible government (executive, Congress, regulatory agencies, the Federal Reserve, etc.) and the Deep State (everything that’s decided and run behind closed doors) is so monumentally incompetent.

The policies and decisions of the past 15 years can be reduced to three catastrophic blunders: the discretionary war in Iraq and “nation-building” in Afghanistan; allowing those responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown to become even more invulnerable and predatory, i.e. enabling a “too big to fail” banking sector, and Obamacare, the Orwellian-named Affordable Care Act (ACA).
Each of these policy decisions has been enormously destructive to the nation, and the opportunities lost in their wake are irreversible.

I have covered the systemic reasons for incompetence and failure many times.These boil down to the accumulating sclerosis of bureaucracy and the ratchet effect.

I have addressed The Lifecycle of Bureaucracy on a number of occasions:

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Tim Esterdahl

What makes any of those three things you name as “catastrophic” blunders? While, I am no fan of the wars, didn’t a powerful and, by most accounts, cruel dictator get removed from power? How is it a blunder that he is no longer torturing citizens? Have we had a terrorist act on U.S. soil since? Do our citizens not feel safer knowing that the homeland of Al Qaeda is no longer safe and that organization is in disarray? Did the war have missteps? Sure, a “blunder,” though? Hardly.

What was wrong with bailing out the U.S. economy, taking down Lehman Brothers and passing legislation to correct a system that had become corrupted? In other posts, you scream that the government is incompetent, yet it seems to have worked out pretty well. Blunder? Again, hardly.

What was the last blunder? Oh yea, Obamacare. How can the statement of “blunder” be in anyway taken as simply your point of view? The law and plan hasn’t been fully implemented and you are calling it a blunder. That would be like attending a baseball and during the second inning saying the pitching change in the eight inning is a blunder. I didn’t realize you could foresee into the future.


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