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Being Free Comes From Understanding the Meaning of Freedom With a Desire To Have It

from Octogenarian’s Blog

11-106-year-old-Armenian-Woman-guards-home-1990My son Ken called this morning on his way to an Art Show, after returning late last night from Freedom Mountain Academy where he was the key-note speaker. The gathering of guest from across the country at FMA was in celebration of Patriots Day. The speech my son delivered was titled HOW YOU CAN BE FREE IN AN UN-FREE WORLD.

The title is a paraphrasing of a book he read a number of years ago titled, How I found Freedom in an un-free World by Harry Browne.

My son grew up being taught the meaning of Freedom from a very early age, therefore lives his life accordingly, operates a business, and raises his children, according to the the basic tenets of Freedom..

Despite the fact that this nation was founded upon the Principle of Freedom, and the concept of Private Property, political government, is a grist mill, working 24-7, to undermine, over-take and rule by a different set of ideas, and has succeeded to an extent; for most it’s taboo to even talk about freedom.

It’s my contention that the major problems we hear about and experience daily is a result of a misunderstanding about freedom, a disinterest in it, and the absence of a desire to understand, apply and practice in individual daily lives. And the major culprit which endorses this condition is the tax-supported public school system, which indoctrinates and does not educate students. Because by the very nature of public schools, they are Socialistic, they are not designed to teach otherwise..

Because we are in the sixth generation of public school indoctrination into the tenets of Socialism, today’s parents are products of the same system, therefore they were not taught the meaning of freedom. Accordingly, if an understanding of Freedom not taught in school, and parents are products of same system, the question is where are students going to find the answers and information about freedom and how to acquire and live it?

While we are daily bombarded with problems facing this country, looking for some politician to solve, we do not resolve one problem, before a dozen more have cropped up all around us, locally, nationally and internationally.. We fail to find solutions, because we fail to recognize the cause. It’s not rocket science, it’s simply Freedom versus Bondage. And the history of mankind is well documented, which tells us precisely what the problem is, and explains the results we experience today, according to the choices we make.

In previous articles I have detailed the route I took to understand the meaning of freedom; as a result, despite any and everything taking place around me, I enjoy a great deal of Freedom, in my life.

One of my teachers was Dr. George Boardman, who lived in the ghost town of Chloride Arizona, and developed a course called, “Phylosophic Research” and in the course explains how an individual can experience freedom, incarcerated behind bars. The presence or absence of Freedom is not the result of what others do and say, but rather that which we know, understand and practice in our individual lives. According to the manner we think.

Just one seemingly, over-simplified example: public libraries, which are tax-funded, government operations. The buildings, books and employees are not free-enterprise but operate on a system of thievery, i.e. taking from some for the benefit of others. fraternizing the local library is tacit approval of that system of thievery. Libraries are socialist operations.

No way would I go to a local library to check out a book, because I know such an act would be in support of a system of thievery I abhor. Participation in that system of thievery is strictly voluntary.

On the other hand, let’s take tax-funded highways. We have no choice but to use them, because there are no others. No private highways to go to grocery story or go to work on. To live in a free country streets & highways should be in the free-enterprise business like grocery stores.

Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control, no more and no less than just that. Therefore whether or not one lives free, is dependent upon the personal choices we as individuals make. Unfortunately, because we the people have voted into being a system of political government, that daily grinds out more laws of bondage, limitations are placed upon the exercise of individual freedom. However, sadly, there are many ways individuals can practice freedom, but voluntarily flock to areas of bondage, when there’s a clear cut way of not participating..

The enemy of Freedom is our voluntary acceptance of the stolen loot, perpetrated by political government, When one understands the meaning of Freedom, and desires it above and beyond bondage, one finds ways to circumnavigate in their daly lives.

Not necessary to participate in tax-funded parks, nor necessary to send ones child to tax funded school for indoctrination. into socialism. One can home-school, or send to private schools. The bottom line is, when one understands Freedom and has a desire for it, one finds a way to live accordingly..

As we march further and faster down the road to totalitarianism of a socialistic system, more & more on the bandwagon of tax-funded doles. From food-stamps to free-housing, health care & schooling, the list of doles and controls increase, and do not decrease. More doles increase controls, and we’ve become a nation like sheep to slaughter..

There is only one answer to our dilemma, and that’s a desire to understand Freedom, with a burning desire to have it. And a willingness to accept the personal responsibility required to maintain & sustain..We live in Freedom or bondage, there is no in-between.. Its simply a matter of discovery, coupled with a desire to apply the basic tenets of freedom, required by Universal law., now under attack by man-made laws.

Freedom is not Free, it has a price to attain and sustain, however the tag on bondage comes with a higher price.