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Left-Statists and Right-Statists: Truth in Labeling

from ZAP

10340069_10154094142575494_3081365044150886638_nInitiating force against the individual conscience is neither liberal nor conservative. These labels should never be used to describe any kind of Statist.

Socialists likewise advocate the most anti-social means to impose their supposedly benevolent ends on their unwilling victims. Their beliefs refute their self-chosen name.

And the label progressive presumes something that is instantly negated by the “progressive’s” love of State violence. Initiated force is inherently regressive, not progressive.

In the end, these groups are more united by their love of State-initiated force, than they are divided by their differing goals. Thus, it makes more sense to call them…

Left-Statists and Right-Statists

Promote empathy and Zero Aggression. Step outside the circular firing squad created by the sociopathic politics of the Left-Statists and Right-Statists.