Militant Rants

The Slow, Painful Death of Reason Magazine

by Christopher Cantwell

ripreason-300x156In the radical egalitarian left’s war of attrition on libertarian philosophy, another high value target has been lost. Reason Magazine was once the number one libertarian website on planet Earth. In their constant struggle to remain ahead of, they have made some compromises with enemy forces, and like others before them, this led to their infiltration and ultimate demise.

Not that their website is down or anything. In fact, you can go and see exactly what I’m talking about right now. Check out the latest article “Libertarianism Is More Than Opposition To Force“. Obviously a direct response to Lew Rockwell’s piece “What Libertarianism Is, And Isn’t“. Which itself was a greater continuation of a larger discussion which I’m not too modest to think I played a role in starting.

Now, Rockwell, like myself, and Tom Woods, and many others who actually understand and appreciate libertarian philosophy, we acknowledge that libertarianism is the non-aggression principle. That initiatory force and fraud are forbidden, and may be responded to with defensive force, while all else is permissible, and may not have force levied against it. Within this framework, there are a boundless number of possibilities. Peace, free trade, love in all its forms, and all the other wondrous things we all love about liberty. There are also a lot of possibilities that many of us may be uncomfortable with, like racism, homophobia, sexism, drug addiction, religious cults, and other non-violent things we ourselves may not choose to participate in.

While this was once just called libertarianism, the radical egalitarian left wing entryists have dubbed it “thin libertarianism”, and now added to their list of attacks on it, the term “brutalism“. The egalitarians, they call themselves “thick libertarians” or “humanitarians” because they, just like their statist counterparts in the Democratic party, are just so filled with concern about a plethora of issues besides violence. To them, libertarianism must oppose issues like inequality, racism, sexism, and if you listen to them long enough, capitalism. To do anything less, would make you a racist, and you don’t want to be labeled a racist by the radical egalitarian left, do you?

Now, Reason Magazine has been playing this game for quite awhile. They have been known to give Cathy Reisenwitz, and other feminists a platform, they recently supported OKCupid’s call to boycott FireFox (in favor of NSA spy weapons like IE and Chrome), and today, in their response to Rockwell, have made the case that libertarianism must oppose racism.

The case being made will appeal to a lot of libertarians. The article’s author, Sheldon Richman, makes the case that libertarianism is about individualism, and that since racism is a form of collectivism, libertarianism should oppose it.

The freedom philosophy is intimately related to ethical, political, and methodological individualism. Therefore, the philosophy should be expected to detest any kind of collectivism — and particularly its “lowest, most crudely primitive form” — even in its nonviolent manifestations.

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