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New TSA Fee Increase Means You Pay Double To Get Groped

from Inquisitr

777166748472398479-665x385On Monday, an added TSA fee increase could raise the cost of an airline ticket’s security fee to double what it is now. The fees aren’t paying for security, either. No, instead, travelers are being tapped to pay for Congressional over-spending. Remember that as the Transportation Security Administration agent gets touchy-feely with you at the airport gates.

Traditionally, the TSA fee added to all airline tickets has been used to pay for the costs of federalized security in the airport. Those fees have ranged from $2.50 per connecting flight or $5 for a round trip ticket with a cost cap of $10 per trip. With the new increase, though, travelers will pay $5.60 in each direction no matter the number of transfers, or $11.20 for a round trip. That doubles the security fee on a non-stop round trip ticket. Passengers with long layovers could pay even more.