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Ron Paul Chimes In On Elections, Calls Them ‘1-Party Monopoly’


Dr_Ron_Paul-665x385Former congressman Ron Paul is no stranger to controversy or headline-grabbing statements about America’s political process. The retired doctor and congressman from Texas has been very vocal in the elections today.

Speaking with Russia Today, Ron Paul called the midterm elections the “monopoly of a one party system” and says it’s all too evident that Americans have no real choices at the polls.

“The whole idea that a good candidate that’s rating well in the polls can’t get in the debate, that’s where the corruption really is.”

Ron Paul said that if anyone from a third party gets anywhere near making an impact, the major parties do everything they can to stop that from happening, often through questionable means. Although he is a long-time Republican, Ron Paul was once a headliner for the Libertarian Party, running as their presidential candidate in 1988. The 77-year-old Ron Paul has been quite vocal about what he sees as serious problems with his Republican Party.

Reason Magazine reported that Ron Paul also tweeted several digs at the Republicans, saying that Republican control of the Senate would mean “expanded neocon wars.” He also said that despite Republicans likely winning tonight, changes in Washington will be few and philosophies between the two parties remain identical.