USA: Police State

This is What Tyranny Looks Like: A Protest of Police Brutality Met with Disgusting Police Brutality

from TFTP

CartmanCopA Jaw dropping video from a UC Berkely protest was posted to YouTube Sunday which illustrates the disturbing reality that is, Police State USA.

The video starts out with police pushing and beating women and men indiscriminately, eventually corralling them in a small area, using a tactic known as kettling. The students are completely trapped by police and yet the cops keep telling them to move and shove them closer.

The students yelled, “Where do you want us to go? There is no where to go!” as the jackboots stomped and compressed them even tighter.

Eventually the video jumps to more police officers, and the brutality continues. The riot police “hold the line” while waylaying peaceful protesters. Some of the cops even laugh at the people as they threaten baton blows. It is truly one of the most disturbing scenes to come out of the recent protests to police violence.