When All Else Fails

$561bn Pentagon budget planned, advocates say real budget is $1trn

from RT

obama-1-trillion-defense.siThe White House will be seeking $561 billion from Congress to run the Pentagon in 2016 – its largest budget ever. However, a research and advocacy director told RT that the budget is closer to $1 trillion, and has been for several administrations.

The Obama administration declared an end to “mindless austerity” on Thursday and called for a surge in government spending, asking Congress to end the sequestration agreed upon four years ago. The White House is looking for $74 billion in additional spending overall, or a seven percent increase. The full budget proposal will be presented on Monday.

“If Congress rejects my plans and refuses to undo these arbitrary cuts, it will threaten our economy and our military,” Obama warned in an op-ed article in the Huffington Post.

In 2011, the sequestration deal forced lawmakers to cut $1.5 trillion from domestic and defense budgets over the course of a decade. Last year saw cuts of $85 billion to various programs.