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There are a lot of things to cover here on the About MiliLib page, so no point in wasting a lot of time with a bunch of b.s.  Before we get started, realize that this site is not necessarily “Workplace Safe” nor is it meant for the feint of heart.  If you can’t handle the occasional swear word or two, then you may as well not spend any time here.  Most of the material here is news media kosher, language-wise, but sometimes harsh times will call for some harsh language.  See our Comments Policy below for more information on how heavy language is handled.


I get a lot of questions (and heat) from people who don’t like the “source” for whatever has been posted or question my “commitment” (to what, I’m not sure) because I posted something by someone who “is a [insert epithet regarding political philosophy or supposed payroll source here]”.  So here’s a quick run-down on how I aggregate information that ends up on this website:

The “source” of the information is irrelevant if the information itself is sound.  So I take each thing I read at face value without considering the source.  If the information appears accurate and of value, I accept it as-is.  If it’s too obvious in its slant or unable to back up its claims through logic or credible source materials, then I ignore it.  Finally, if it’s something you can find in Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, or on CNN/Fox/ABC/etc. then I will only post it if it backs up something else that’s already been discussed or a current meme of information that’s floating around.  Hence those who claim that this site has “no balance” or a “bias” are right: I don’t bother with mainstream crap because, well, why would you come here to read that?

Secondly, just because an item appears here that doesn’t necessarily mean that I personally agree with or endorse the idea or information.  There is a lot going on in the world and no one can claim to know everything that’s happening with any assurance.  I often disagree with things that I post here, but they are posted anyway because it’s the thought-trigger that counts, not the information that comes out of the chamber.  In other words, the bullet means nothing if the shooter doesn’t pull the trigger to set off the gun’s mechanism.

Here’s an example: I don’t necessarily agree that our ancient ancestors were created by or visited by aliens from another planet/dimension.  But there is enough evidence that could support that to make it at least a credible theory.  So to read about it, even if I don’t agree with it, creates questions and broadens my scope.  So I read those theories anyway.  I can’t conclusively say whether they’re bunk or truth.  It’s only my opinion that they’re wrong, but I have no more proof to disprove them than they have to prove themselves.

Therefore, attributing any idea you see on this website to me personally, unless I wrote the idea myself, is to make the mistake of assuming that this website is about me and me alone.  It’s not.  MilitantLibertarian.org is about the people who read the information here, not about the guy posting that information.

What is MilitantLibertarian.org?

Originally, this site was created by me, Aaron, as a way to promote the idea of libertarian thought.  I came up with the name as an oxymoron, since a libertarian would never be (physically) militant about anything.  No force, no fraud and all that.  I was tired of attending Libertarian Party and other freedom movement meetings (Constitution Party, et al) and finding that they were really nothing more than glorified debate clubs.  Nothing was happening, just a lot of people showing up to some meetings to argue with other people about the finer points of whatever it was that no one outside of their little clique gave a crap about.

So I decided to go online and become more, well, militant.  I was the unofficial political activist of the LP in Utah at the time and the Blogger-hosted blog was my way of being a loudmouth in between rallies, radio appearances, and so forth.  I started CivilDisobedience.us at about the same time I registered MilitantLibertarian.org in 2004.  CivilDisobedience was specifically for information on the USA PATRIOT Act, though now it is a t-shirt shop where my shirts are for sale.

In 2008, during the presidential elections, I started thinking about my little blog which had been often neglected, but remained popular (for whatever reason).  It occurred to me that more could be done with this than I was doing.  In 2009, a supporter of the site donated some money and so I donated my time and built something new out of it.  It’s still a blog, but now it’s more than that. I post a lot more stuff than I used to.

Defining a Militant Libertarian

With this new step forward, I thought a formal definition of what a Militant Libertarian really is would be in order.  Especially since it’s so easy to get the wrong impression from the title.  So here, if you will, is the “official” definition of what a Militant Libertarian is:

Militant: aggressive: extremely active in the defense or support of a cause, often to the point of extremism.

Libertarian: advocate of individual responsibility: somebody who believes in the doctrine of free will.

(These both thanks to Encarta World English Dictionary)

So a Militant Libertarian is extremely active in the defense or support (even to the point of extremism) of individual responsibility and the doctrine of free will.

That should clear things up.

About This Website

This website is a hub of information as well as a node in what I’m calling the Mili Meme Network.  Visitors to the site will see that there are several categories of articles on the front page.  Most of them have overlap, but the following are loose explanations of what will likely be found in each of them:

Fighting Back – contains stories and information on fighting back against the New World Order, the Banksters, the Police State, the System, or whatever label you’d like to give the screw job that’s happening to our liberties.

Freedom Discussions – generally contains freedom-oriented topics and opinion.  The stuff that appears here is generally not specifically liberty-oriented, per se, though there is overlap between this section and the Liberty Commentary section (below).

Laughter’s Medicine – is where you’ll find something to brighten up things a little, whether the jokes/cartoons are political or not.  Not all things on this site have to be dismal or angry.  Right?

Liberty Commentary – is where the thoughts from libertarians and anarchists are showcased as commentary or opinion.

Mili Meme – this section is the latest “meme” in liberty/freedom news.  In Information Tech, a “meme” is a current theme or idea that is spreading very quickly around the Web.  A Mili Meme is the same idea, but for freedom and liberty info instead.

Militant Rants – rants by me, Aaron Turpen, the Militant Libertarian.  Mostly this is where I wax poetic (if you will) on whatever has pissed me off lately or whatever I feel needs venting.  Think of it as Aaron’s soapbox.

(discontinued) Militant Reviews – a sub-site of this website is my media reviews site of the same name.  On Militant Reviews, I review music, books, and movies.  When those pertain to Militant Libertarian, they are republished in this section.

Rethinking Paradigms – thoughts, ideas, and information that will force many to rethink what they thought was reality.  Things here are generally philosophically driven and go against the grain of common belief.

The NWO’s Chains – this section highlights articles showing how the New World Order Elitists are chaining us down through their various schemes.

Truth’s Flashlight – in this section, stories are those focused on digging out the truth behind a situation.  Most often, this is stuff the mainstream media ignores about a headline story, such as who’s really responsible or what’s behind the scenes.

USA: Police State – similar to The NWO’s Chains, this section highlights the Police State specifically and how it’s being established (or has been established, depending on your point of view).  Information here isn’t always US-centric, but it generally is.

When All Else Fails – this is sort of the “everything else” category for things that either don’t quite fit in one of the others or that are doubling up on them.  For instance, if two great Truth’s Flashlight stories are available, one of them may get published here so they can appear simultaneously on the site.

Ze Older Stuff – this category has two reasons for existing.  First, all of the posts from before the new site layout were all “uncategorized.”  So something had to be done for them; barring going through thousands of past posts and properly categorizing them, a “catch-all” was the best solution.  Second, it’s often informative and fun to look at old posts and bring them to the fore again.  This category does both.

A Note on Advertising

Like all endeavors, MilitantLibertarin.org has to be paid for.  Rather than accepting direct advertising from sponsors, which could compromise the site’s editorial feel or give false impressions of ethical violations, I’ve opted to instead use free-wheeling Google Ads (AdSense) instead.  These are totally uncontrolled by myself, come up specifically to match content on whatever page/post they are on, and merely pay me if someone clicks on them.

This, I feel, is a good compromise as it is both free market and ethical.  It also means that if ads for Hillary Clinton show up, it’s not my fault.

The advertisements in the Friends of Liberty box are not paid advertisements and are merely promotions for other liberty-oriented websites or freedom-loving blogs that are likely to be of interest to visitors here.  Anyone can request to be included in the rotation of those ads.  Visit the link above for more information.

Comment Policy

The comments policy for MilitantLibertarian.org is simple: anyone can comment at any time and can do so anonymously.  No login, email address, etc. are required in order to comment.  There are, however, some considerations to be made: namely spam and pure nastiness.

Spam is handled through a filter, which flags comments that come from certain areas of the world (by IP address), contain specific keywords or phrases, or have excessive third-party links in them.  These are not published and are not moderated.  They are deleted daily, so if your comment doesn’t appear within a few minutes of posting it, it may have fallen awry of the spam filter.  In that case, you can email me and I will attempt to retrieve it before it’s deleted.  It may surprise people to know that for every comment published on the site, more than 700 spam advertisements are trashed.

The site also filters for keywords and phrases related to specific topics in regards to race, religion, and some swear words.  This is to keep extreme nastiness from ruining the website and to stop some types of hate speech, which call for physical action to be taken, from appearing here.  If you hate a specific race of people, a certain religion, or whatever, you are welcome to say so.  You are not welcome, however, to flood our comments sections with it nor are you welcome to call for violence against anyone.  Those who do so will find their comments filtered or removed.

Excessive use of swear words (especially the big 7) will likely get published, but be edited to remove some of those words.  This is done purely to keep us on the good side of the search engines and office/home filters for content.  If you don’t agree with this policy, feel free to start your own, competing website and curse away.

Hopefully all of this has answered your questions about what Militant Libertarian is.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, etc. feel free to let me know.

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