So you wanna contact the Militant Libertarian, eh?  If you’re in a government agency, it’s easy.  Just look me up in one of your Homeland inSecurity bulletins.  People like me are usually in the pamphlets those types put out every so often to tell you “what to look for.”

If you happen to want to contact me and aren’t in a government agency, then I’m frankly flabbergasted.  I mean, most of the email I get through this site is hate mail.  Usually from people who want to tell me why I should:

  • Love Obama
  • Worship Al Gore
  • Be happy with Big Government (or the programs thereof)
  • Calm down and just “go with the flow”
  • or, my most favorite, “work within the Party to move it back to its roots” (usually these are Republicans, but I’m not going to name names)

If you’re one of those, you can email me I guess.  I will either respond in-kind, make fun of you openly, or ignore your delusional rants.  Nowadays, I mostly ignore your kind.  I don’t have time to waste converting you from your religion to reality.  I shut the door on Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses too, so don’t feel bad.

On the off chance that you are someone who actually likes what you see here and would like to say “thanks,” I greatly appreciate the kudos.  You can email me, send money (PayPal link below:) or whatever.  In fact, if you have suggestions on improvements, changes, things I should include, a story/article you’d like me to publish, etc. I’m always open to that stuff too.  Especially if a donation is included.  :D

You can email me at

If you’d like a physical address to send anything non-explosive to, email me and I’ll let you know.


ken kalcheim

As a libertarian of 48 years and a tax rebel of 36 years, I believe in pop fronts, but libertarians and the religious right have absolutely nothing in common. Zilch! Famous libertarians like Lysander Spooner would be “turning over in
their their graves” at the thought of a “Libertarian” Party. The “L”P prostituted and perverted the meaning of libertarian. As a result, we have had to call ourselves radical libertarians, agorists, etc. Even objectivists aren’t necessarily libertarians unless they made the jump like Jarret Wollstein of the ISIL or those like Howard Katz who accepted the right of secession which Rand (I think that she was one of the greatest novelists of all time, but she comprised her philosophy.) and your average objectivist refused to do. A hard-core libertarian is a free market anarchist or those left wing anarchists who accept the principle of the non-initiation of force. Even the father of modern libertarianism Prof. Murray Rothbard rejected the “L”P before his death which was a great loss to the movement. I would be very happy to hear from anyone who agrees with what I’ve written.
Ken Kalcheim

Militant Libertarian

Well, I think you’ve basically defined what this site and my personal philosophy are all about. I’ve gone through a metamorphosis over several years, beginning as more or less apolitical, moving towards Ronald Reaganism, then into the LP where I was a member for a couple of years before moving on to anarcho-libertarianism (the new name for free market anarchist, I guess). So here we are.

I see the Libertarian Party itself as nothing more than a glorified debate club. At least they don’t charge $25 admittance like they did before. The Constitution Party isn’t much different, they just include God in a lot of their rants. Now it appears that the Tea Party movement is going to become Republican Lite. Organized political parties become religions awful quick and those, in turn, are eventually controlled by someone for nefarious ends.


Whats the difference between Anarcho-Libertariniam and Anarcho-Capitalists?


Nothing really. Today, they’re basically the same thing.

Diehard Illegalist

I will be honest. At one point in my life I was anti-libertarian. The prime reason being is because on the internet I keep meeting “self-proclaimed” libertarians who go around ranting how the government is so evil, how they hate the government, etc. yadda yadda yadda. What fueld into my hate towards libertarians as a whole was because they keep ranting (and writing blogs) but they FUCKING DON’T DO ANYTHING to aid to the downfall of the government. And so much fo these self-proclaimed libertarians literally think that things will end happily with no conflict if anarchy suddenly came. At least 90% + I met on the internet think that “the lions will lay down naturally with the lamb” if there were no government around.

However upon going onto your site as well as remeeting a friend in High School who considers himself a moderate in the libertarian spectrum, I’ve realized that while most I’ve met(well on the internet) are “all talk and no action” nerds and wannabes, there are members in the libertarian spectrum who actually FUCKING TAKING ACTION to spread the libertarian ideal.

So I am no longer anti-libertarian and the few “REAL” (not self-proclaimed libertarians we all know and see on the web all the time) have my respect because they actually are TRUE to their cause and are doing whatever they can for libertarianism, not just blog and rant their hate for government.

To sum it up, this article refers to the fake libertarians I’m talking about.

I may not agree with everything in the libertarian philosophy, but after reading stuff on your site as well as meeting people sincere to the cause, I’d say there are many powerful important points in the libertarian philosophy. I’m not libertarian but a number of my beliefs tend from that philsosophy.

However like you I too am tired and sick of the bullshit that goes within the libertarian spectrum-specifically how there are so many people who braggardly boasts how they are libertarians and anarcho-capitalists and always ranting their hate of government and such on the web and in meetings. Yet they ain’t really doing anything for the libertarian cause nor are they prepared for Anarchy. All talk and no action.

A matter of fact most internet libertarians I met on the web hypocritically rely on instutitions they are “opposed” to such as government welfare and police security,etc…

Overall your site is great and I agree with many of your points. However I am very irritated and can’t help but scoff and mock at the unpreparedness and hilarious hypocrisy and “all talk but no action” mentality of most self-proclaimed libertarians-especially on the internet.I’m not lying when I state I met many internet libertarians who literally think they’re helping for the cause of libertarianism by beating democrats and republican in internet arguments-yet none of them are really doing anything IRL thats actually helping the cause nor are any of them actually preparing for the consequences of Anarchy and the fact many of them act against their “libertarian” ideals.

Seriously if you gonna support a cause you shouldn’t waste time on the internet thinking you’re beating the shit out of “conservatards” and “libtards” in online arguements and should fucking actually take actions IRL be it preparing for Anarchy, consistently opposing government aggressively (not just petty “illegal” activities that don’t do anything to attack government such as mere piracy and verbal aggression on the internet but real action) and what not.

Hey I’m not attacking you-like I stated earlier I really like you’re site and you’re among the few libertarians I respect and really like as opposed to most in the spectrum whoa re all talk and internet wasters XD.

I’ll donate to your site in the future when I have the money too.

J. Speer-Williams

How do I send you some of my articles? Sincerely, J. Speer-Williams

panachia COPONE

Crooked chicago cops are in they can doing anything they want beacuse they control the media and the civil rights lawyers and the civil rights groups dont do anything.

So the freal cop can get away with any crime it happens al the time. But the media covers up or them.


My husband is in jail for the same challenges to the irs … he is in till July 23,2013 then half way house. He is a professional who has lost his license to practice … is there anything happening now that could help me bring him home…


Keep doing what you are doing.

I live in Delaware County, Oklahoma.
And I am sick of the nonsense.

Passed through Bernice recently, got ticketed.
Told the Judge that the Bernice government is illegitimate, I do not recognize it and it has no right to enforce any law upon me.

They are going to take my license and arrest me at some point I am sure. I cannot defend myself against these revenue collectors. Cant afford a lawyer. What would he do anyway.

I am all alone in this. If anyone can offer any help please send it because I am out of options. I cannot justify cooperation with this government. If the little town of Bernice were flooded with Liberty loving people on the next court date, maybe a message could be sent.

Militant Libertarian if you can offer any help with this matter I would sure appreciate it.

“The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

If it need be my blood then so be it.


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