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  1. Hey guy, How have you been? Check out this

    I took my blow horn and read the 4th amendment at a unconstitutional police checkpoint.

    let me know what you think.


  2. David West says:

    Hey guys, I’m a libertarian filmmaker trying to get my name out there. I made an anti-war short film called, “One Man’s Terrorist,” earlier this year. Our budget was essentially non-existent, but everyone tells me it turned out pretty well. The trailer for that can be found below, and the film can be watched on the same YouTube channel in three episodes:

    I’m actually writing right now because I would appreciate some help promoting my next film. I’m currently trying to get a feature-length, modern-day western about the war on drugs off the ground. We’re currently running an IndieGoGo fundraiser to try to generate some funds to help us create a trailer, that in turn will hopefully help us secure a reasonably substantial budget for the actual film. Below is the IndieGoGo campaign, which features a video that further details the film and our goals:

    I would greatly appreciate any help I can get in promoting the fundraiser!

  3. Myra Tanksley says:

    My son Marquis is alot like Reginald “neli” Latson…he is young, autistic, black, a male and also has been arrested and jailed. Now, Marquis has been committed to an abusive state institutiion and is being treated like an inmate. He has been repeatedly assaulted, neglected and abuse and is frequently tied to a bed in his room. You can read about the abuse Marquis is suffering at:

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