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If you have an article or a suggestion for one to be included on this site, you may either email me directly with a link to it or create your own account here at Militant Libertarian (info below) and submit it directly.  All account-holders at Militant Libertarian have the ability to submit articles directly for consideration.

To log in or create a login for, just click here. (Note that you will be created as a “Subscriber” rather than as someone who can contribute articles.  Contact me via email to have this upgraded – it is done this way to block spammers.)

Article Guidelines

You may submit anything you wish for consideration, but be aware of the following rules:

  • Articles that do not contain links to their source (unless cited as the author’s original work) will not be considered.
  • The article’s subject matter must fit with this website’s general theme and be informative to our readers – articles which promote a product, book, or other materials for sale are not likely to make the grade unless that promotion is secondary to the article’s main, informative purpose.  So authors who wish to write an article on the subject matter of their book and mention the book in that article (without being excessive) are welcome.
  • No articles that are blatantly hateful, racist, demeaning, etc. will be accepted.
  • Writing should be clear, in good taste, and generally free of grammatical and other errors.
  • Militant Libertarian reserves the right to reject any article at any time for any reason and submitting one to me for consideration is not a guarantee of publication.

Legal clarification: this website and its owner do not ask for ownership or rights to any article published here.  Submitting an article to us for consideration merely implies a one time printing right and your consent to allow us to keep the article in our archive here.  Ownership and copyright remain the author’s.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me.

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